What is an example of excitation transfer?

What is an example of excitation transfer?

The excitation-transfer process is not limited to a single emotion. For example, when watching a movie, a viewer may be angered by seeing the hero wronged by the villain, but this initial excitation may intensify the viewer’s pleasure in witnessing the villain’s punishment later.

What did zillman mean by his excitation transfer hypothesis in emotion?

Excitation transfer, first described by Zillman (1971), refers to the influence of a prior episode of arousal on subsequent emotional responses. In the absence of any environmental cues as to the actual source of arousal, residual arousal can be misattributed to a subsequent stimulus.

What is true of excitation transfer theory?

Excitation transfer theory is based upon the fact that violence in the media typically causes arousal among viewers. Further, this arousal often continues for a period of time even after exposure to the media violence has ceased.

Who propounded excitation transfer?

Dolf Zillmann from the University of Alabama began developing excitation transfer theory in the early 1970s when he recognized the sympathetic nervous system often fools the central nervous system.

What does the James Lange Theory state?

James-Lange theory of emotion (1880s) proposed that bodily changes come first and form the basis of an emotional experience. Thus, emotions are caused by bodily sensations (you become happier when you smile, you are afraid because you run).

What are the basic principles of the Cannon Bard theory of emotions?

The Cannon-Bard theory of emotion states that stimulating events trigger feelings and physical reactions that occur at the same time. For example, seeing a snake might prompt both the feeling of fear (an emotional response) and a racing heartbeat (a physical reaction).

What is the transfer theory?

The theory says that transfer will occur between tasks where the two tasks share a set of common stimulus features. This means that the class of tasks to which a particular learned skill should transfer should be definable by a careful analysis of the conditions of original learning.

What is James-Lange theory in simple terms?

The James-Lange theory of emotion postulates that emotions occur as a result of physical responses to events (physiological responses to stimuli directly cause subjective feelings).

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