What is Business class on Blue Star Ferries?

What is Business class on Blue Star Ferries?

Business class or/and VIP seats on Blue Star Ferries is a separate section with larger seats on the upper deck with the most comfortable seating. Both Business and VIP have their own bars and are restricted to passengers holding Blue Star Ferries ticket for those sections.

What is a pure cabin on Blue Star Ferries?

As of 1st April 2011 PURE cabins are also available on Blue Star Ferries vessels. PURE cabins are treated with a cutting-edge process that purifies the air and surfaces, providing the ultimate comfort level for those sensitive to airborne particles.

What is special economy on Blue Star Ferries?

Economy consists of a reserved seat you can book inside (Air Seat), or just Economy which is find a seat somewhere that is not booked, spare stacked seats, deck seating etc. Super Economy and Special Economy are only special price offers for a limited number of tickets.

What is deck accommodation ferry?

Economy deck seats on normal ferries are spread all over the ship and you can seat wherever you want – the ones inside the ship, near the bar or cafeteria, are better since they are more comfortable to sit, like armchairs.

What is pure cabin?

The permanent antimicrobial coating PURE CABIN is purely waterbased. Our solution helps manufacturers and operators to make passenger transport even safer. It provides a protective envelope surface to protect the front covered and uncovered virus types, gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and fungi.

Does Blue Star ferry have WIFI?

A NEW WORLD AWAITS FOR YOU @SEA! Get connected to vessel’s wifi hot spot from any device (laptop, smartphone, tablet) and discover the most entertaining and useful services…

What does deck accommodation mean?

noun. overnight accommodation on a vessel other than in a regular sleeping space.

What is the difference between inside and outside cabin on ferry?

Inside (Internal) Cabin As they are located below the waterline, these type of cabins does not feature natural daylight. Instead, they have air condition. So this is the main difference in the nutshell – external cabins have windows while internal cabins do not.

Does Blue Star Ferry have WIFI?

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