What is cartoning system?

What is cartoning system?

Cartoning machines or cartoners are packaging systems which erect, close and fill sealed cartons. In essence, they pick up a flat carton (known as a blank), erect it into a rectangular shape, push the product into the carton (or fill it through a vertical flow), and close the carton via end flaps or a fold-over lid.

What is a cartoning machine used for?

Cartoning machines are widely used for packaging bottled foodstuffs, confectionery, medicine, cosmetics, etc., and can vary based on the scale of business.

What is cartooning in packaging?

Cartooning machines are also known as cartoner is a type of packaging machine that aims in forming cartons. The cartons made from the cartoning machine stands up straight, closed and are folded, side seamed and finally, they are sealed.

What is principal of Cartonator machine?

1. It can automatically complete the carton forming, opening, (automatically folding the hook and lining according to customers’ requirements), product packaging, and sealing. 2. The machine adopts PLC control.

How does the cartooning machine work?

A carton machine will pick up a single piece from a stack of fold carton and then get it to stand up straight, or erect. The machine will fill it with a product or a number of products horizontally through an end that is open, and then close it by tucking an end flap of the carton or putting on glue or adhesive.

What is an aseptic carton?

In packaging, multilayer aseptic carton refers to thin multilayer structures made by combining layers of paperboard, plastic and aluminium. Multilayer aseptic carton for milk and beverages can be single portion and family size.

What is the difference between carton and box?

While both boxes and cartons are made out of paper materials, cartons are usually thinner of the two. You’ll see it used in cereal boxes, milk cartons, pharmaceuticals, and more. A box, on the other hand, uses thicker paper stock that is mostly meant for shipping.

What is used in aseptic packaging?

Aseptic packaging materials Polyethylene is used as a barrier on the inner and outer sides of aseptic packaging. These layers protect against moisture entering or exiting the container. Film foil helps preserve the product by keeping light and oxygen out.

What are aseptic materials?

Aseptic packaging consists of filling and sealing a sterilized packaging material with a sterilized product. Aseptic packaging material not only has to assure sterile conditions within the package and protect the product from physical damage, but also maintain the quality of the product inside the packaging.

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