What is column splice?

What is column splice?

A column splice means the joining of two parts of a column whereas a column base transfers forces and moments at the lower end of a column to a foundation.

Where should splices in the column be provided?

Option (D) is correct Splices should be provided 30 cm or 15 cm above the floor line. At this height, it is convenient for the workman to add the next section of the storey above. Theoretically, the splice plate should be located at the point of contra flexure of the column.

What is reinforcement splicing?

Splicing is basically done. When the length of reinforcement bar has to be extended in reinforced concrete structural member splicing is used to join two reinforcement bars to transfer the force from one bar to the joining bar. The forces are transferred from one bar to the other through bonds in concrete.

Why are columns spliced?

In case of multi-storey buildings, the section of column required for the various storeys may be different. In multi-storeyed buildings, for convenience of fabrication, it is kept at about 5 m lengths. So, splicing of column is necessary to join the fabrication along the length.

What is tension splice why splicing is required?

Splices in tension member are provided to joint two sections subjected to tensile force. Splices connection for tension member is usually bolted connection and it is designed for a force of at least 0.3 times the member design capacity in tension or the design action, whichever is more.

What is the proper splice on rebar?

A lap splice is the predominant method used for splicing reinforcing bars. Bars may be spaced apart or in contact. For lap splices, contact splices are preferred for the practical reason that, when wired together, they are more easily secured against displacement during concrete placement.

How many types of splicing do we have in concrete?

There are four major types of mechanical splices: Compression only mechanical splices or end bearing splices. Tension and compression mechanical splices.

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