What is Edit menu in Visual Basic?

What is Edit menu in Visual Basic?

What is Menu Editor in Visual Basic? Menu Editor utility of VB can be accessed from Tools menu in the forms design screen. This utility is used for creating menus. It allows you to create custom menus for your application and to define their properties.

What is menu Editor list the features of menu Editor supported Visual Basic?

Using Visual Basic’s Menu Editor. The Menu Editor allows you to create menu bars from scratch or modify already created menus. As with the Application Wizard, these menus are located at the top of a form, with associated drop-down submenus or pop-up menus that users typically access by right-clicking.

What is the part of edit menu?

It is often the second menu in the menu bar, next to the file menu. Whereas the file menu commonly contains commands about handling of files, such as open, save, and print, the edit menu commonly contains commands relating to the handling of information within a file, e.g. cut and paste and selection commands.

What are the features in edit menu?

In the Edit menu, the following commands are available:

  • Undo : undo last change.
  • Redo : redo last undone change.
  • Cut : Cut selected text.
  • Copy : Copy selected text.
  • Paste : Paste text from the clipboard.
  • Select All : Select the entire text.
  • Find : Show and go to the search panel .

What is the use of menu name?

A common use of menus is to provide convenient access to various operations such as saving or opening a file, quitting a program, or manipulating data. Most widget toolkits provide some form of pull-down or pop-up menu.

Is the features of menu editor?

The Menu Editor page consists of three parts:

  • The left pane: This shows the available menus, and which menu is currently being edited.
  • The middle pane: this shows the content of the currently selected menu.
  • The right pane: this shows the detail of the currently selected menu item.

What are the types of menu in Computer?

See also

  • Drop-down menu.
  • Federal Standard 1037C.
  • Hamburger button.
  • Pie menu.
  • Radio button.
  • WIMP (computing)

How do you create a menu in VB.Net explain with an example program?


  1. Drag and drop or double click on a MenuStrip control, to add it to the form.
  2. Click the Type Here text to open a text box and enter the names of the menu items or sub-menu items you want.
  3. Complete the menu structure shown in the diagram above.
  4. Add a sub menu Exit under the File menu.

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