What is family splash at gl1?

What is family splash at gl1?

Family Splash Sessions Similar to the Family Fun Sessions with a variety of pool depths to cater for all swimming abilities. Suitable for ages 4 and over.

How do I cancel my Aspire subscription?

Q: What is your membership cancellation policy? A: We require a thirty-day advance notice of auto-debit terminations in writing, via our signed termination form at the studio, or via email to [email protected] We do not offer refunds for late cancellations.

How long is gl1 pool?


Length 25m
Width 9m
Shallow end 1m

Do you have to be a member to use Everyone Active?

Casual Use Of Our Centres. If you are not ready for a membership, or do not use our centres on a regular basis then a “pay as you go” access may be better for you. Anyone can use our centres on a casual basis, all you need to do is register for an Everyone Active card.

Is there parking at GL1?

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Gloucester Leisure Centre (GL1)
Address: Car Park r/o GL1 Leisure Centre Bruton Way Gloucester GL1 1DT
Charging Hours: 9am – 3pm Mon to Sat
Surface Spaces: 53 (10 disabled spaces / 6 parent spaces)
Operation Method: Pay and Display

What are the different membership options at Aspire?

Premier Membership includes unlimited use of the fitness studio, pool and group exercise classes. Passport to Leisure Scheme (PTL) Membership is for disabled customers only and offers unlimited use of our accessible gym, inclusive fitness studio, swimming pool with disabled access and group exercise classes.

What bank is Aspire card?

The Bank of Missouri
The Aspire Card is issued by The Bank of Missouri. Since Aspire itself doesn’t have a banking license, it partnered with The Bank of Missouri to issue all of its credit cards.

When was GL1 leisure Centre built?

This week in 1974, folks from around the county rolled up their swimming cossies in towels and headed for Gloucester’s brand new leisure centre. The Citizen declared the new facility, which had taken two years to build, “one of the most advanced and comprehensive centres of its kind in the country”.

How do I register with everyone active?

You need to be registered with us to make a booking so if you haven’t already done so visit the Join Today section and register for your free EveryoneActive Card. Once you have registered you can make bookings as a casual member. Government Test and Trace guidelines require us to know exactly who has made a booking.

How do I make everyone active account?

How to sign up for WithU

  1. First you will be required to sign into your Everyone Active profile, you can do this by going to profile.everyoneactive.com/login.
  2. You will need to log into your account using your email address and password.

Where is GL1?

Gloucester, United KingdomGL1 / City

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