What is kinetoplastid flagellate?

What is kinetoplastid flagellate?

Kinetoplastida (or Kinetoplastea, as a class) is a group of flagellated protists belonging to the phylum Euglenozoa, and characterised by the presence of an organelle with a large massed DNA called kinetoplast (hence the name).

What does kinetoplast do?

In kinetoplasts, maxicircles play an important role in encoding ribosomal RNAs as well as various proteins involved in bioenergetic processes within the mitochondria. Here, some of the transcripts of RNA may later be modified through the insertion or deletion of uridine residues.

What is the stain for spleen?

Ceroid/lipofuscin, derived from oxidation and polymerization of unsaturated lipids, may also be present within splenic macrophages but occurs less commonly than hemosiderin. Hemosiderin can be identified with Perl’s Prussian blue special stain, whereas ceroid/lipofuscin is acid-fast positive.

Does the Amastigote have a flagellum?

Morphology of L. amazonensis during differentiation of amastigote to promastigote forms. (A) At 0 h, amastigotes have a short flagellum inside the flagellar pocket (arrow).

Why is white pulp in the spleen white?

The white pulp of the spleen contains typical lymphoid elements, such as plasma cells, lymphocytes, and lymphatic nodules, called follicles in the spleen. Germinal centres in the white pulp serve as the sites of lymphocyte production.

What is the location of the kinetoplast in relation to the nucleus?

During the trypanosome life cycle, the position of the kinetoplast changes relative to other cell organelles, but it always remains close to the basal body. For example, the kinetoplast is located in an anterior position relative to the nucleus in amastigotes, and in a posterior position in trypomastigotes (Figure 4).

What is the function of flagellum in Leishmania?

The promastigote flagellum provides a means of motility and attachment within the sand fly gut; functions critical for transmission through the insect vector [1].

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