What is magnetoelectric coefficient?

What is magnetoelectric coefficient?

The magnetoelectric (ME) coefficient αME=dE∕dH=dV∕(tdH) is the most critical indicator for the magnetoelectric coupling properties in multiferroic materials, where V is the induced magnetoelectric voltage, H is the exciting ac magnetic field, and t is the thickness of the sample used for measuring V across the laminate …

How do you find the magnetoelectric coefficient?

magnetoelectric effect in a given composite is usually characterized by measuring the magnetoelectric coefficient, α = dE/dH where E is electric field and H is the magnetic field.

What is magnetoelectric coupling?

In its most general form, the magnetoelectric effect (ME) denotes any coupling between the magnetic and the electric properties of a material. The first example of such an effect was described by Wilhelm Röntgen in 1888, who found that a dielectric material moving through an electric field would become magnetized.

What are magnetoelectric materials?

Magnetoelectric materials are those whose magnetism can be affected by an external electric field, or, conversely, whose electric polarization is affected by a magnetic field.

How is magnetoelectric effect measured?

The traditional method for measuring magnetoelectric effect is to stimulate the sample with a magnetic field while measuring the voltage generated across the sample. These voltages can be so small that a lock-in amplifier is required to pull the signal out of ambient noise.

What is Magnetoelectric Polarizability?

Magnetoelectric (ME) effect is characterized by appearance of an electric polarization (P) tempered by a magnetic field (H) or vice-versa. There are various types of piezoelectric (PE) and piezo magnetic (PM) materials and combination of which can lead to excellent ME effect.

What is Magnetoelectric Multiferroic?

Magnetoelectric (ME) multiferroics are materials in which ferromagnetism and ferroelectricity occur simultaneously and coupling between the two is enabled.

What is ferroic property?

For instance, the oldest known ferroic property is that of ferromagnetism where magnetization can be switched by an applied magnetic field, leading to magnetic hysteresis. By analogy with ferromagnetism, ferroelectrics are where an electric polarization is switched by an applied electric field, again with hysteresis.

What is space inversion in terms of multiferroic materials?

Spatial Inversion (SI) and Time Reversal (TR) symmetry breaking effects on electrical dipole (m) and spin (s) in multiferroics. In a multiferroic the presence of an electrical dipole in the unit cell implies that the spatial inversion symmetry is broken.

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