What is mDNS protocol used for?

What is mDNS protocol used for?

Multicast DNS (mDNS) provides a naming service system that is easy to set up and maintain, for computers on a local link. All participating network devices on the same local link perform standard DNS functions, using multicast DNS rather than unicast, and do not need a unicast DNS server.

What is the difference between DNS and mDNS?

Unlike the conventional DNS, the operation of mDNS is up to the level of local network since the operation of DNS takes place at global level. In the Zeroconf network, it works in the combination of the protocol DNS-SD. There is no need of manual operation in the network of zero configurations.

What is mDNS setting?

mDNS was defined to achieve zero configuration, with zero configuration being defined as providing the following features: Addressing—Allocating IP addresses to hosts. Naming—Using names to refer to hosts instead of IP addresses. Service discovery—Finding services automatically on the network.

What devices use mDNS?

This protocol works by creating a device-uniqueidentifier to register as a hostname via a multicast service on local networks. Although Apple is not the only vendor using mDNS, by default all Apple devices(iPad, iPod, iPhone, Mac Book) have the protocol enabled for their applications.

Is mDNS a security risk?

If your mDNS service is exposed to the Internet, querying the service would allows hackers to collect information about your server (such as the MAC address information of the device, or services running on the machine) that could be used to prepare an attack.

What is mDNS on a router?

Multicast DNS, or mDNS, lets systems broadcast queries on a local network to find other resources by name. Fedora users often own multiple Linux systems on a router without sophisticated name services. In that case, mDNS lets you talk to your multiple systems by name — without touching the router in most cases.

What port is mDNS?

port 5353/udp
Multicast DNS (mDNS) is used for resolving host names to IP addresses within small networks that do not include a local DNS server. It is implemented e. g. by the Apple ‘Bonjour’ and Linux/BSD ‘Avahi’ (nss-mdns) services. mDNS uses port 5353/udp.

What is mDNS poisoning?

mDNS. One protocol vulnerable to poisoning attacks is mDNS. The DNS translates human-readable names (such as “”) to their associated network locations, represented by an IP address (“x.x.x.x”).

What is mDNS spoofing?

Description​ The configuration of the MDNS services allows an attacker to spoof IP addresses effectively hijacking them or causing a denial-of-service. Alternatively, due to a lack of certain security measures, it is possible to intercept requests to mDNS services and obtain information about the connected devices.

How do I enable mDNS?

How to Enable mDNS and DNS Service Discovery

  1. Become an administrator.
  2. If needed, install the mDNS package.
  3. Update name service switch information.
  4. Enable the mDNS service.
  5. (Optional)If needed, check the mDNS error log.

How does mDNS discovery work?

When an mDNS client needs to resolve a hostname, it sends an IP multicast query message that asks the host having that name to identify itself. That target machine then multicasts a message that includes its IP address. All machines in that subnet can then use that information to update their mDNS caches.

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