What is medium grade vermiculite?

What is medium grade vermiculite?

Vermiculite is an organic, asbestos-free soil amendment that can be used to improve moisture retention and aeration in potting mixes. It helps support root structure and stimulates root growth.

What grade is horticultural vermiculite?

J.P. Austin/A-Tops produces and packages three main grade sizes of horticultural vermiculite: Medium (Grade 2), Coarse (Grade 3), and Extra Coarse (Grade 4). Vermiculite for seed germination: Medium (Grade 2) is used primarily as a germination media – on its own or mixed with peat moss.

What grade of vermiculite is best for gardening?

Our vermiculite is available in grade 4A extra-coarse, which is ideal for soil aeration, and grade 3A and 3C coarse, which offers more water retention. We offer two package sizes of vermiculite, two cubic feet (perfect for indoor gardeners) and four cubic feet (great for an outdoor vegetable garden or flower bed).

What are the different grades of vermiculite?

Crude vermiculite is vermiculite that has not been heated or expanded and is divided into five primary grades based upon particle size. The grades are large, medium, fine, superfine and micron.

Is perlite the same as vermiculite?

We’ve already covered the biggest difference: Vermiculite will mix with soil and help to retain water. Perlite, on the other hand, will add drainage to the soil that it’s mixed with. Vermiculite finds its way into many seed starting systems.

What can I use instead of vermiculite?

Alternatives to Vermiculite

  • Peat. Peat (also known as peat moss) is light and holds moisture well but not does not stay soggy.
  • Coir. Coir is coconut dust.
  • Perlite. Like vermiculite, perlite is an inorganic matter added to the garden to improve water drainage and permeability.
  • Sawdust.
  • Shredded Hardwood Bark or Wood Chips.

What is the best grade of vermiculite for seeds?

A mixture that contains around 30 per cent vermiculite is ideal for pricking out and potting on seedlings.

Which vermiculite is best?

Let’s check out our top picks for the best vermiculite.

  • Plantation Products Vermiculite. Best overall. Plantation Products’ vermiculite is ideal for improving soil quality in large quantities.
  • PVP Industries Coarse Vermiculite. Best value vermiculite.
  • Espoma Organic Vermiculite. Best organic vermiculite.

Is all vermiculite the same?

Although it’s a common misconception, vermiculite and perlite are not the same. Vermiculite is a silicate material that’s brown or beige in color and has a soft, sponge-like texture. Perlite is harder, is white in color, and is made out of mined volcanic rock.

Is horticultural vermiculite coarse?

It’s good quality and is coarse enough so it doesn’t get packed down like finer varieties.

What is a good substitute for vermiculite?

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