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What is MOLYKOTE GN used for?

What is MOLYKOTE GN used for?

Primarily designed as a running-in Lubricant for plain bearings, splines, gears, cams and ways, and because of its low coefficient of friction, as a Lubricant for movable screws, threaded spindles and lead screws.

What is MOLYKOTE paste?

MOLYKOTE® 1000 Paste is a premier lubricant solution for long-term corrosion protection and seizure prevention in metal joints and fasteners. MOLYKOTE® 1000 is formulated with a high-performance mineral oil base and several solid lubricant additives, including graphite and copper for enhanced load carrying capacity.

What are paste lubricants?

A paste is a lubricant that consists of a mineral oil and/or synthetic oil base with or without thickener, active ingredients or additives as well as high solid lubricant content.

Is MOLYKOTE anti-seize?

MOLYKOTE® P-37 Paste is a high-quality mineral oil-based anti-seize solution for bolted joints under heavily loaded applications and extreme high temperatures.

Who makes molykote?

About MOLYKOTE® – Molykote Lubricants by DuPont.

Where are solid lubricants used?

Products containing solid lubricants are often used in applications when high specific loads are applied to sliding surfaces in the presence of boundary and mixed frictional regimes, at very low hydrodynamically effective speeds, or when the lubricant must perform over a wide temperature or under extreme temperature …

What is anti-seize grease used for?

Anti-seize products are applied to bolts, fasteners, flanges and other clamped interfaces to prevent galling, seizing and corrosion, as well as lubricating to ease disassembly.

Is molykote a brand?

The Molykote™ brand is designed and engineered to solve your difficult lubrication related problems and save energy by reducing friction and wear.

What is molykote oil?

Multipurpose mineral oil aerosol. It is suitable for applications in the food, pharmaceutical and similar industries. MOLYKOTE® L-0268 Process Gas Oil.

Which is a good solid lubricants?

PTFE and graphite are well known as good solid lubricants. They wear off from the friction surface in three major ways, including the departure from the contact zone, the transfer to the counterface, and most remaining in the contact area, which “flow” following the repetitive sliding.

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