What is Nepec?

What is Nepec?

The National Center’s Evaluation Division located in West Haven, CT conducts evaluation on VA’s PTSD clinical programs. This work is done through a programmatic link with the VA’s Northeast Program Evaluation Center (NEPEC).

What is VACO in the VA?

Veterans Affairs Central Office (VACO) New Employees.

What resources does the VA offer?

Veterans can also receive referrals to other assistance such as health care, housing solutions, employment, substance use treatment and mental health counseling. Stand Downs are collaborative events, coordinated between local VA Medical Centers, other government agencies and community-based homeless service providers.

When did the VA start mental health services?

Primary Care-Mental Health Integration PC-MHI was widely implemented throughout the VHA health care system beginning in 2007 (Johnson-Lawrence et al., 2012) and must be available at all VA medical centers (VAMCs) and at all large and very large community-based outpatient clinics (VA, 2015c).

What do you wear to a VA orientation?

Generally, business casual.

How do providers check VA claim status?

If you filed a claim with VA directly for Veteran care, you can check the status of your VA claim through the eCAMS Provider Portal (ePP). ePP is a reporting tool that allows registered users on demand access to claim status and line level adjudication information.

What does VA cover for mental health?

This includes: Emergency mental health care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through VA medical centers and some local, non-VA hospitals. The Veterans Crisis Line, which offers support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for Veterans in crisis and their families and friends.

Does the VA cover anxiety?

Veterans suffering from anxiety disorders may be eligible for VA disability benefits if they can demonstrate that their anxiety is due to their military service.

Do VA employees wear uniforms?

WEARING REQUIREMENTS Employees are required to wear the uniform prescribed in Appendix A while on duty, except for deviations and exceptions (see paragraph 8). VA medical facility employees having frequent contact with patients in wards or treatment areas will wear a uniform.

Does VA do fingerprints?

You should be electronically fingerprinted at the closest VA fingerprinting facility. Contact your hiring agency for the nearest VA fingerprint facility.

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