What is shared space folder?

What is shared space folder?

‘Shared Space’ is a dedicated area on your local drive that sandboxed applications are permitted to write to and which can also be accessed by non-sandboxed applications (hence the term ‘Shared Space’).

What is the ProgramData folder used for?

The ProgramData folder in Windows 11/10 contains all the data, settings, and user files that are required by the installed software and UWP apps. This directory contains application data for all users. This folder is used for application data that is not user-specific.

Where is my program data folder?

To view the “ProgramData” folder you will need to go to the Windows control panel , select “Appearance and Personalization”, and find the “folder options” dialog. Select the View Tab, make the changes shown above, and click OK. You should now be able to see and access the “ProgramData” folder.

What is ProgramData folder in C drive?

ProgramData specifies the path to the program-data folder (normally C:\ProgramData). Unlike the Program Files folder, this folder can be used by applications to store data for standard users, because it does not require elevated permissions.

Can I delete ProgramData?

You cannot delete the Program Data folder. Instead look at other options. Some of them will be: Disable hibernation and delete the hidden hiberfil.

What is the difference between ProgramData and AppData?

As we discussed before, AppData is a folder inside your user directory. It contains data that is specific to your account. Usually, this includes configuration settings that are particular to your instance of an installed program. The ProgramData folder is located at the root of your C: drive.

Can I delete ProgramData folder?

Can I delete AppData folder?

By now, you should know that your PC programs store their application data in the AppData folder. So if you delete the AppData folder, you will reset all related settings and information of your programs and applications.

Can I delete program data in Windows?

Can I delete program data folder?

Yes, you can delete that folder. Personally, I would recommend that you do not delete anything in the ProgramData folder, but you can absolutely delete anything you want. That package cache folder contains the installer file (MSI package) for various programs that are installed on your computer.

Is ProgramData user specific?

To put it straight, ProgramData contains application data that is not user specific. This data will be available to all users on the computer. Any global data should be put in here. Roaming – This folder contains data that can move with your user profile from a computer to another.

Is it safe to delete files from ProgramData?

You shouldn’t delete these, the Program Data files are files stored by the Applications you have installed on your computer. If you delete them, it will cause those programs to crash.

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