What is Sportcode?

What is Sportcode?

Technology. Sporstcode is one of the leading video analysis software in the performance analysis field today, used by thousands of analysts, coaches and athletes around the world.

How do I get Sportscode on HUDL?

  1. Install and Register Coda.
  2. Activate iCoda on Your iOS Device.
  3. Remotely Activate iCoda on Your iOS Device.
  4. Set Up a Personal Network.
  5. Deregister Coda.
  6. Transfer a Coda License to a New Computer.
  7. Import Data Live from iCoda into a Hudl Sportscode Package.

Does HUDL support 4K?

Hudl Sportscode has also improved the experience working with a larger number of angles and higher quality video. Now video with higher data rates, higher resolution (including 4K), and higher frame rates (including 120 fps) is supported. Modern encoding formats like H. 265 are also accepted.

What is HUDL Academy?

Hudl Academy is a free resource open to all Hudl professional users. It provides onboarding and essential workflows for Hudl Pro Suite products in 13 languages including Hudl Sportscode, Wyscout, Replay, Coda and Hudl.

How do you code in SportsCode?

Scripting in SportsCode is done through either a Code window or a Statistical window. You can use an existing code window that you already have or create a new on in File then New then Code window. The actual script is written inside a code button. You can either add a new code button or use an existing one.

Can you use Sportscode on Windows?

Hudl Sportscode is only compatible on Apple’s macOS.

Can I Upload a PDF to Hudl?

Upload your game footage that’s on a DVD to your Hudl library. Upload non-video files eg. pdf’s or jpeg’s to your Hudl library. Understand what types of video and non-video files are supported in your library.

What video format does Hudl use?

The following video files are supported: AVI, m2ts, m4v, mod, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpg, mts, scmov, sczip, ts, vob, wmv.

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