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What is stromal tissue?

What is stromal tissue?

Stromal cells are connective tissue cells of any organ, and they support the function of the parenchymal cells of that particular organ. Stromal/stromal stem cells are fundamentally a heterogeneous population of cells with contradictory differentiation potential depending upon their environmental niche.

What is the stroma in the body?

Parenchyma / Stroma: The parenchyma of an organ consists of that tissue which conducts the specific function of the organ and which usually comprises the bulk of the organ. Stroma is everything else — connective tissue, blood vessels, nerves, ducts.

What does the word stromal mean?

Listen to pronunciation. (STROH-mul sel) A type of cell that makes up certain types of connective tissue (supporting tissue that surrounds other tissues and organs).

What does stroma mean in medical terms?

Medical Definition of stroma 1 : the supporting framework of an animal organ typically consisting of connective tissue. 2 : the spongy protoplasmic framework of some cells (as a red blood cell) Other Words from stroma. stromal \ -​məl \ adjective.

What is a stroma in biology?

stroma. / (ˈstrəʊmə) / noun plural -mata (-mətə) biology. the gel-like matrix of chloroplasts and certain cells. the fibrous connective tissue forming the matrix of the mammalian ovary and testis.

What does stroma mean in biology?

What happened in the stroma?

Interior to the chloroplast’s inner membrane and surrounding the thylakoids is a fluid called the stroma. The light-independent reactions of photosynthesis take place within the stroma. It contains enzymes that work with ATP and NADPH to “fix” carbon from carbon dioxide into molecules that can be used to build glucose.

Why is the stroma important?

The stroma is essential for this because not only does it contain the enzymes necessary for carbon fixation, it also manages the chloroplast response to cellular stresses and signaling between various organelles. It plays an important role in both the light-dependent and light-independent reactions of photosynthesis.

What are the function of stromal cells?

Stromal cells are an important part of the body’s immune response and modulate inflammation through multiple pathways. They also aid in differentiation of hematopoietic cells and forming necessary blood elements.

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