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What is Terfenol-D used for?

What is Terfenol-D used for?

Terfenol-D is mostly used for its magnetostrictive properties, in which it changes shape when exposed to magnetic fields in a process called magnetization. Magnetic heat treatment is shown to improve the magnetostrictive properties of Terfenol-D at low compressive stress for certain ratios of Tb and Dy.

What is Terfenol-D made of?

Terfenol-D is an alloy comprised of Terbium, Dysprosium and Iron. Terfenol-D has the largest room temperature magnetostriction of any known material. Terfenol-D is a solid-state material capable of converting energy from one form to another.

Is Terfenol-D ferromagnetic?

2, the magnetostriction deteriorates gradually for Terfenol-D that possesses the largest room temperature magnetostriction among all single-phase ferromagnets. However, in the aged Galfenol, the magnetostriction deterioration is suppressed by the underlying structural transformation.

What is a magnetostrictive transducer?

A magnetostrictive transducer makes use of a type of magnetic material in which an applied oscillating magnetic field squeezes the atoms of the material together, creating a periodic change in the length of the material and thus producing a high-frequency mechanical vibration.

What is magnetostrictive actuator?

The Magnetostrictive Actuators are solid state magnetic actuators. A currentdriven coil surrounding the magnetostrictive rod generates the expansion of the rod. Magnetostrictive Actuators need a magnetic bias to present a linearised response, which can performed either by a DC current in the coil or permanent magnets.

What is magnetostriction in transformer?

Magnetostriction is a phenomenon occurring in transformer core in normal operation mode. Yet in time, it can cause the delamination of magnetic core resulting in higher level of vibrations that are measured on the surface of transformer tank during diagnostic tests.

What is magnetostrictive actuators?

How does a magnetostrictive transducer work?

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