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What is TestNG architecture?

What is TestNG architecture?

TestNG is an open source Java testing framework which is powerful yet easy to use. TestNG is designed to cover all categories of tests: unit, functional, end-to-end, integration, etc. Before moving ahead with TestNG, it is important to understand it’s basic architecture.

How do I create a TestNG framework?

Create TestNG Project In Eclipse

  1. Step 1: Navigate to File > New > Java Project.
  2. Step 2: Give your project a name for example, ‘LambdaTestNG’ and click on Next.
  3. Step 3: On the next screen, you will see the Java settings for your new project.
  4. Step 4: Choose TestNG from the list of libraries and click Next.

What is TestNG framework in Selenium?

TestNG in Selenium is a Java testing framework, inspired by JUnit and NUnit. It overcomes the constraints and disadvantages of JUnit and introduces an entirely new set of properties, making TestNG more powerful and easy to use.

Why we use TestNG in your framework?

TestNG is preferred by developers for its ability to write powerful test cases with the help of annotations, grouping, and parametrizing. It covers all classifications of test automation like Unit testing, Functional testing, End-to-End, and integration testing. It’s available in the form of jar files.

Where is TestNG used?

TestNG is a testing framework designed for unit testing. Today it is used for every kind of testing. Initially, it is developed to simplify a broad range of testing, no matter from system testing or Unit testing. It is an open source framework which is inspired from the Java platform (JUnit) and NET platform (NUnit).

What type of framework is TestNG?

TestNG is an open-source test automation framework for Java. It is developed on the same lines of JUnit and NUnit. Few advanced and useful features provided by TestNG makes it a more robust framework compared to its peers. The NG in TestNG stands for ‘Next Generation’.

What are the features of TestNG?

Features of TestNG

  • Multiple Before and After annotation options.
  • XML-based test configuration.
  • Dependent methods.
  • Groups/group of groups.
  • Dependent groups.
  • Parameterization of test methods.
  • Data-driven testing.
  • Multithreaded execution.

Who invented TestNG?

Cédric Beust
TestNG is a testing framework for the Java programming language created by Cédric Beust and inspired by JUnit and NUnit. The design goal of TestNG is to cover a wider range of test categories: unit, functional, end-to-end, integration, etc., with more powerful and easy-to-use functionalities.

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