What is Thai eggplant called?

What is Thai eggplant called?

ma keua praw
Thai eggplant is unlike any other eggplant variations since it can be eaten raw, normally with some dips or in crudite and salads. For some, it is commonly known as “round eggplant,” but for Thais, it is known as “ma keua praw.”

Are Thai eggplants bitter?

There are many varieties of aubergines/eggplants that are used in Thai cuisine; the most common ones are Thai green aubergines (about the size of a golf ball) and the pea aubergines (about the size of grapes). They are quite bitter and are used most commonly in green and red curries.

How long does Thai eggplant take to grow?

12. Harvest the eggplants according to the seed package directions, approximately 128 days after germination.

What does a Thai eggplant look like?

Thai eggplants are little green orbs, about the size of a golf ball and are either green or yellow depending on their ripeness. These baby eggplants are often darker near the stem and fade to a creamier white color at the other end.

Should I peel Thai eggplant?

There is no need to peel the skin from Thai Eggplant as it will soften with cooking. Slicing, salting, soaking and draining, while necessary for reducing the bitterness in common eggplant, is not needed for Thai Eggplant. Simply slice and cook.

How do you pick Thai eggplant?

Choose fresh Thai eggplants for cooking. The stems should be green and solidly attached to the eggplants. Pay careful attention to the firmness and color of the eggplants and select only the firmest and yellowish ones. Eating raw eggplants with spicy dips is the simplest and best way to enjoy them.

How do you know when Thai eggplant is ripe?

When ripened, some turn yellow. With the ripe ones, the seeds are hard to chew. Most people don’t eat the seed. The outer flesh is crunchy and good with chili sauces.

How do you know when a Thai eggplant is ripe?

How do you cook Thai eggplants?

Put the eggplants into the hot skillet the same time as the meat or right after, then cook until they’re very tender. Add the basil leaves and some salt or fish sauce at the end, then just toss it together quickly. This delicious dish can be done in just about 20 minutes!

Does Thai eggplant taste like eggplant?

The Thai eggplant is very unique with a crunchy texture and a slightly bitter taste. The taste turns stronger when it matures more. In its raw form Thai eggplant is very neutral.

How big does a Thai eggplant get?

Heirloom variety from Thailand popular in Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. Small round light green fruit with dark green vein pattern growing to 3-5cm.

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