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What is the cost of Siti Cable?

What is the cost of Siti Cable?


Service and Support Charges (Rs.) Rs. 684/- for SD STB and Rs. 900/- for HD STB+ GST @ 18% Extra
Refundable Deposit Rs. 100/- refundable on returning the STB in good, working condition with accessories
Activation Charges Rs.100 per STB + GST @ 18% Extra

Can we pay Siti Cable online?

You can pay your Siti broadband bill either by logging into or with the Paytm App.

Who is the owner of Siti Cable?

Essel GroupSiti Networks / Parent organizationEssel Group, is an Indian multinational conglomerate holding company and corporate promoter headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The company has had business interests in mass media, infrastructure and packaging. It operates the subsidiary of Zee Media Corporation. Wikipedia

Is Siti Cable WIFI good?

Siti Broadband is the worst broadband service provider. I have purchased 50 Mbps plan but the speed that I get is exceptionally low. Most of the times it is not even 1 Mbps. I complain on daily basis after that it only works for maximum 1 hr and then it comes back to its original low performance.

How do you install a Siti Cable Card?

2) Insert proper Smartcard fully into the slot behind the lid of the front door of the STB, make sure that the metal chip on the card downwards when inserting. 3) Smartcard may give special menus or information which is not described in this manual.

How do I check my package on Siti Cable?

You can track status of the Service Request number via:

  1. Telephone : 1800-1234-001 (Toll free)
  2. Mail : [email protected] Visit: [email protected].
  3. Post : FC-19&20, UG Floor, Sector-16A, Film City, Noida, U.P. – 201301.

What is my Siti app?

SITI Networks Limited has launched My SITI mobile app for its customers. Customers can download the app from Google Play Store ( to all Android-based mobile devices. The My SITI app gives a convenient way to SITI’s 55 Mn consumers to access and operate their SITI Digital cable TV connection.

What is the work of Siti network?

SITI Networks has been providing services in analogue and digital mode, armed with technical capability to provide features like Video on Demand, Pay per View, Over-The-Top content (OTT), Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) and Gaming through a Set Top Box (STB). All products are marketed under SITI brand name.

Is Siti Broadband really unlimited?

The SITI Broadband, 30 Mbps plan, comes for a mere cost of Rs 399 per month. The amount is exclusive of taxes. With the plan, the users get unlimited data. There is a fair-usage-policy (FUP) limit applicable on all broadband plans; however, the company hasn’t specified what that limit is on the website.

How do I check my Siti broadband speed?

Siti Cable Network Ltd Speed Test TestMy. net’s Download Speed Test and Upload Speed Test log connection information to allow users to research real world Internet speed test results. TestMy. net’s speed test database stores information on millions of Internet connections.

How do I connect my Siti cable to my TV?

Plug the power adaptor supplied with the Set Top Box into 220V mains socket. Plug the DC12V power input into the [12V] interface on the rear panel. Connect the power to your TV set and turn it ON, you are now ready to get started.

How many channels are there in Siti Cable?

Siti Cable TV Hindi News Channel List with Number

Sr No. Channel Name Channel Number
1 ZEE NEWS 271
2 AAJ TAK 274
3 NEWS18 INDIA 275

How can I recharge my Siti digital set top box online?

How to Pay Siti Broadband Bill Online?

  1. Enter your mobile number/Siti ID.
  2. Enter the amount.
  3. Apply the available Promo code and enjoy many offers, discounts & Cashback offers.
  4. Choose payment method of your choice i.e. Debit/Credit Card, Net banking or Paytm Wallet. We offer safe & secure payment modes.

Essel GroupSiti Networks / Parent organization

What is the cost of Star Plus?

Only $13.99 / Month. Terms apply. Star+ is a standalone general entertainment and sports streaming service in Latin America. It is complementary to, but independent from Disney+ in the region.

How do I know which Siti Cable package I have?

What is digital set top box?

Set-top box – A device that enables a TV set to receive and decode digital television (DTV) broadcasts. A set-top box is necessary for viewers who want to use their analog television sets to receive digital broadcasts.

What does Siti network do?

SITI Networks deploys State-of-the-art technology for delivering multiple TV signals to enhance consumer viewing experience. Its product range includes Digital & Analogue Cable Television, Broadband and Local Television Channels.

How many channels are there in Disney pack?

Disney Universal offers a total of 7 channels.

What is Disney Star Plus?

WHAT IS STAR ON DISNEY+? Star is a streaming outlet available on Disney+ that includes more adult content from Disney, which includes programs and films from 21st Century Fox, ABC, FX, and ESPN. At launch, Star has about 75 TV shows and nearly 300 movies, according to Endgadget.

How can I watch digital TV online?

In addition to viewing your favourite programmes through live TV you can also watch Freeview on a connected TV via Freeview Play, on mobile phones and tablets through our mobile app or online via our TV Guide on the Freeview website….Freeview Play TV

  1. BBC iPlayer.
  2. ITV Hub.
  3. All4.
  4. My5.
  5. UKTV Play.
  6. CBS Catchup.

What is a set-top box Netflix?

A device that converts video content to analog or digital TV signals. For years, the set-top box (STB) was the cable box that “sat on top” of the TV.

Can I return Set Top Box?

As per legal laws or Terms and Conditions of Dish TV, No one is allowed to Re-sell the Set Top Box or any of its components once it get bought by any customer.

Can I withdraw/replace my Siti set top box?

Siti has the right to withdraw/replace this scheme at its sole discretion in compliance with the regulations. The multiple features of your Set Top Box (STB) enhance your experience with your cable TV like never before.

What is Siti digital Janta&popular packages?

Initially SITI Digital will offer two packages namely Janta & Popular packs. The channels in these packs are listed genre wise & differentiation in the packages has been created based on the needs & choices of existing cable TV consumers.

How to find the best TV package for You?

Look for packages that include all the channels you want at a good price. If you’re willing to invest time in examining each package from providers that service your area, you’re much more likely to find exactly what you want. Despite your quest for the best TV package in all the land, you’re limited by what’s in your area.

What are the best cable TV packages for sports fans?

For those ready to commit to a superior TV experience, allow us to recap our best cable TV packages: The best package for sports fans is DIRECTV ULTIMATE All Included ($84.99/mo.) because it has the most sportsball channels.

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