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What is the function of the pectineus?

What is the function of the pectineus?

Due to the course of its fibers, pectineus both flexes and adducts the thigh at the hip joint when it contracts. When the lower limb is in the anatomical position, contraction of the muscle first causes flexion to occur at the hip joint.

Why is it called pectineal line?

The pectineal line of the pubis (also pecten pubis) is a ridge on the superior ramus of the pubic bone….

Pectineal line (pubis)
Right hip bone. External surface., with pectineal line corresponding to the “Pectineus” area demarcated in red at right.
Latin Linea pectinea ossis pubis, Pecten ossis pubis

Where is pectineal line of femur?

On the posterior surface of the femur, the intermediate ridge or pectineal line is continued to the base of the lesser trochanter and gives attachment to the pectineus muscle.

Is pectineal line same as spiral line?

While the spiral line, which provides the origin for the vastus medialis muscle, runs medially towards the lesser trochanter, the pectineal line, marking the insertion of the pectineus muscle, is located lateral and superior to it [15].

What inserts on the pectineal line?

Pectineus muscle inserts into the posterior surface of femur, along the pectineal line and proximal part of linea aspera.

What happens when the pectineus is tight?

The most common symptoms of an injured pectineus muscle are pain, bruising, swelling, tenderness, and stiffness. Pain in the front hip area can mean that you may have strained the primary hip flexor muscles or the hip adductor muscles, or a combination of the two.

Why does my pectineus hurt?

The most common causes of injury to the pectineus muscle is from over-exertion or over-extension of stride performed by power walkers and some runners, and is often referred to as a groin strain. Localized pain in the groin area, on one side or the other, is a primary indication of injury to the pectineus.

What muscles attach to pectineal line?

Namely, these muscles are the gracilis, adductor longus, adductor brevis and adductor magnus.

Which adductor muscle inserts into the pectineal line?

The pectineus muscle adducts the thigh, or moves the leg towards the middle of the body, in conjunction with the remaining adductor muscles. The pectineus muscle originates from the pectineal line of the pubic bone and inserts into the pectineal line of the femur, or thigh bone.

What muscles attach to pectineal?

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