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What is the Global Markets program at GFSI intended?

What is the Global Markets program at GFSI intended?

Strengthen your food safety system through a four-step pre-certification process consistent with Global Food Safety Initiative requirements. No matter the size of your company, you can improve food safety with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Global Markets Programme.

What is a GFSI benchmark?

GFSI aims to improve food safety and business efficiency. GFSI’s work in benchmarking and harmonisation fosters mutual acceptance of GFSI-recognised certification programmes across the industry and enables a simplified “once certified, recognised everywhere” approach.

What is a GFSI standard?

GFSI stands for The Global Food Safety Initiative. It is a business-driven initiative for the development of food safety management systems to ensure food facilities are processing safe food for consumers.

What is a GFSI-Recognised scheme?

GFSI recognized schemes are food safety certification programs which perform accreditation activities, enabling companies to become GFSI certified. To obtain certification, companies can achieve a successful audit against any of these schemes.

What is Global Markets program?

The GFSI Global Markets Programme is a voluntary, free access system designed as an unaccredited, noncertification assessment process. 4. It considers both primary production in the field and manufacturing in the factory and concentrates on building capacity.

Which standards are GFSI approved?

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Standards & Schemes FSSC 22000 is a food safety certification scheme that creates a framework for food safety management, total supply chain management, and control of food safety hazards.

Which standards are recognized by GFSI?

These standards, which are either approved or recognised by the GFSI and therefore acknowledged internationally, include:

  • BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices)
  • BRC Global Standard for Agents and Brokers.
  • BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.
  • BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials.

Why are there global market divisions?

The Global Markets Division enables our clients to buy and sell financial products, raise funding and manage risk. We make markets and facilitate client transactions in fixed income, equity, currency and commodity products.

Is global markets sales and trading?

Our Global Markets business offers sales and trading services, including research, to institutional clients across fixed-income, credit, currency, and commodity and equity businesses. Global Markets product coverage includes securities and derivative products in both the primary and secondary markets.

Why is GFSI certification important?

Competitiveness. GFSI certification helps your company stay competitive. It is especially beneficial for food manufacturers in the B2B space, as many companies have stringent vendor requirements, including GFSI certification. Certification therefore yields broader access to markets.

Is GMP the same as GFSI?

With GFSI you can’t have any non-conformance. Internal audit programs, corrective action management, root cause analysis, all of these are a must for GFSI. So it’s much more advanced than what’s required in GMP. The audits are also difference from a validation stand point.

What are the global markets?

Global Markets handles all sales and trading activities on the primary and secondary markets (rates, credit, foreign exchange, fixed-income, securitisation and treasury) for products designed for corporates, financial institutions and large issuers.

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