What is the IFGA?

What is the IFGA?

Founded in 1965, the International Fancy Guppy Association’s (commonly known as the IFGA) mission is to promote the enjoyment and the techniques of breeding fancy guppies to the IFGA’s show standards. ​

What is guppy trio?

Guppies are normally sold in trios: one male and two females. Three techniques are used when breeding guppies: INBREEDING: Mating close relatives such as brother to sister, mother to son, father to daughter, etc.

Do fancy guppies breed true?

Find a Fancy Guppy Breeder Mentor and Choose a Strain Anyone can buy a few guppies at the shop and start breeding. In fact, guppies are one of the easiest fish to breed. However, pet shop fish rarely breed true, so it pays to start with the best fish you possibly can.

What are IGFA rules?

Rules and Equipment Regulations

  • The use of gaffs to land fish is prohibited.
  • Nets or tail snares used to boat or land a fish must not exceed 2.44 meters (8 feet) in overall length.
  • The use of knotless, rubber coated nets or other similarly designed nets that minimize slime and scale removal is strongly recommended.

Can you breed guppy siblings?

Breeding between related individuals can result in harmful versions of genes being expressed, with previous guppy studies finding inbred offspring had lower survival rates, and reduced size and fertility.

What pH is best for guppies?

between 6.8 and 7.6
In their natural habitat, guppies live in a wide range of biotypes and thus are very adaptable to a variety of water conditions. Though they may survive higher or lower levels, the recommended pH range for a guppy tank is between 6.8 and 7.6.

Is Albino guppy rare?

Due to its albino genetics, it even has red eyes! This is a truly striking, beautiful fish that could be the centerpiece of any aquarium. Females of this variety are very rare and, when available, typically command a very high price.

Are daisy chains IGFA legal?

Daisy chains, birds, floats and similar devices may only be used if they do not unfairly hamper or inhibit the normal swimming or fighting ability of the fish, thereby giving the angler or crew an unfair advantage in fighting, landing or boating the fish. 7.

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