What is the price of chikankari saree?

What is the price of chikankari saree?

Usher Beacon Price List

Usher Beacon PRICE (RS)
Shaily Black Pure Georgette Chikankari Embroidered Saree Rs. 1394
Soch Women Green Chikankari Embroidered Cotton Saree Blouse Rs. 1198
VASTRANAND White Floral Embroidered Chikankari Saree Rs. 2480
VASTRANAND White & Red Floral Chikankari Organza Saree Rs. 1860

Which city is famous for chikankari sarees?

Lucknow is the heart of the chikankari industry today and the variety is known as Lucknawi chikan. Chikan work in recent times has adopted additional embellishments like Mukaish, Kamdani, Badla, sequin, bead, and mirror work, which gives it a rich look.

What is special about chikankari embroidery?

Chikankari is also known as shadow work. It is an intricate and elegant art of embroidery pursued with a needle on a fabric. The needlework requires time and patience, and that’s why the final product appears appealing.

What is the difference between chikankari and embroidery?

Where shadow work uses mostly herringbone stitch interspersed with some other stitches, Chikan work is a combination of many different embroidery stitches, flat, raised and knot stitches. In chikan work some of the designs are worked from the back of the fabric and others from the front.

How many types of Chikankari are there?

Chikankari embroidery consists of 40 different types of stiches. Among them, the five basic stiches are Phanda-small circular dot, Jaali, tepchi-the running stich, murri and bakhia- the most common and popular stich that gives the shadow effect.

Why is it called chikan?

Chikankari is the embroidery work done with the white cotton thread on fine white cotton material. Chikankari is also called as shadow work. The word ‘Chikan’ is basically derived from Persian word ‘Chikeen’. In earlier days, the Chikankari embroidery is traditionally done on mulmul- fine muslin cotton.

Why is Chikankari called white embroidery?

Yet another explanations ascribes the term to the chikan in Bengali language which means ‘fine’. This fine embroidery is popularly known as ‘white embroidery’ as it was primarily done with white cotton threads on sheer muslin cloths to give a very subtle but rich texture to a plain woven fabric.

Which thread is used in Chikankari?

Cotton thread is traditionally used to create the design patterns over the cloth. Golden zari, silver zari, wool are the types of threads also used to do the Chikankari embroidery.

Which thread is used in chikankari?

How can you tell the difference between real and fake chikankari?

* To find out whether the chikankari on your cloth is by machine or not, see the kind of embroidery the piece of art boasts of. If it is handcrafted, the cloth will have French knots, shadow stitch, criss cross embroidery, while in the machine made ones, you do not find these embroideries.

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