What is the rarest submission in MMA?

What is the rarest submission in MMA?

“Peruvian Necktie” by Patt Curran This is one of the rarest submissions you can see in MMA simply because it’s very hard to pull it off. You must have a bit of luck to get an ideal position first before your rival spots what you are trying to do. Even though it’s hard to get, the Peruvian Necktie is really effective.

How many submissions can you have in MMA?

Number of knockouts and submissions in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) from 2014 to 2020

Characteristic Knockouts Submissions
2020 138 77
2019 153 81
2018 149 90
2017 145 80

What is the best submission in MMA?

Most Common Submissions in MMA (Top 5)

  1. Rear-naked choke. This is, perhaps, the most popular BJJ submission in MMA simply because there’s no way out of it.
  2. Guillotine choke. The guillotine choke is a very useful chokehold that originates from Judo (Mae Hadaka Jime).
  3. Armbar.
  4. Triangle choke.
  5. Arm Triangle choke.

What is the fastest submission in MMA history?

The top 10 quickest submissions in UFC history

  • Dennis Hallman, UFC 29 – 20 secs.
  • Terry Etim, UFC 138 – 17 secs.
  • Marcus Aurelio, UFC Fight Night 13 – 16 secs.
  • Frank Shamrock, UFC 15.5 – 16 secs.
  • Joe Charles, UFC 4 – 14 secs.
  • Ronda Rousey, UFC 184 – 14 secs.
  • Justin Martin, UFC 12 – 14 secs.
  • Oleg Taktarov, UFC 6 – 9 secs.

What is a Kimura submission?

The Kimura lock, which is also known as the double wristlock, chicken wing, and gyaku ude-garami, is a highly effective submission that has been successfully used in both BJJ and MMA competition. The Kimura works by isolating the elbow and shoulder joints through the use of a figure-four grip.

What is the quickest knockout in UFC?

The fastest knockout in UFC history occurred at UFC 239 in the Welterweight division contest between Jorge Masvidal and Ben Askren. Masvidal was able to finish Askren in just 5 seconds, with an unbelievable flying knee that took out the wrestling specialist in an unbelievably quick fashion.

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