What is the Tinetti Assessment Tool?

What is the Tinetti Assessment Tool?

The Tinetti assessment tool is an easily administered task-oriented test that measures an older adult’s gait and balance abilities. Scoring: A three-point ordinal scale, ranging from 0-2. “0” indicates the highest level of impairment and “2” the individuals independence.

How do you do the Tinetti test?

The patient is to sit in an armless chair and will be asked to rise up and stay standing. The patient will then turn 360° and then sit back down. This is to test the patients’ balance.

What is the Tinetti score out of?

The maximum total score is 28 points. In general, patients who score below 19 are at a high risk for falls. Patients who score in the range of 19-24 indicate that the patient has a risk for falls.

What does the Poma measure?

The POMA examines step length and height, gait initiation, step symmetry and continuity, straightness of the path of travel while trying to walk in a straight line, trunk position, and base of support during the period of double support.

Is the Tinetti a good test?

The Tinetti Performance-Oriented Mobility Assessment (POMA), also called the Tinetti Mobility Test (TMT) ( Appendix), is a reliable and valid clinical test to measure balance and gait in elderly people and some patient populations.

Is Tinetti a standardized test?

A widely used example is the standardized version of Tinetti’s test9 (also known as the Performance Oriented Mobility Assessment [POMA]).

What is the MCID for Tinetti?

MCID of the Tinetti POMA was 7 points (AUC=0.743, sn/sp=79%/64%, LR+=2.18, LR-=0.32) anchored to motor FIM change. Test re-test reliability of the Tinetti POMA was ICC2,1 0.859 and MDC was 5 points.

When would you use a Tinetti?

The Tinetti balance test is administered to patients with Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, stroke, spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury, and older adults. These groups of people are at higher risk for falls, and the Tinetti Balance Test helps assess the level and severity of that risk.

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