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What is the use of Bhavcopy?

What is the use of Bhavcopy?

The Bhav Copy is a snapshot of the activity that has taken place in the market for the particular day. A highly valuable tool in any trader’s arsenal, the Bhav Copy shows important data like the Open, High, Low, Close, Volume and Last Traded Price for every scrip & contract.

Where can I find MWPL?

MWPL is calculated on 20% of the non-promoter holding in the stock and includes positions taken in futures and options. For instance, if the equity base of a company consists of 100 shares with non-promoter holding at 40% (40 shares), the number of shares considered for MWPL will be 8 shares (20% of the 40 shares).

How can I download NSE delivery data?

To open the files following steps need to be followed:

  1. Download and save the zip file on your system.
  2. Extract the files using 7-zip.
  3. Open the new spreadsheet and drag or drop the file there in, else.
  4. Open the file using spreadsheet directly.
  5. Alternatively, the file can be opened in ‘note pad’

How can I trade with BhavCopy?

Go to : Insert => Pivot Table => Click Ok….Bhavcopy Data Analysis using Pivot Table

  1. Instrument – Future Index, Future Stock, Option Index, Option Stocks, Future VIX.
  2. Symbol – Index and Stock names.
  3. Expiry Date – Mostly 3 consecutive months expiry dates but have yearly expiry dates for some nifty options.

Is BhavCopy free?

BhavCopy downloader is a FREE NSE and BSE end of the day stocks data downloader. Since it connect to NSE and BSE server for getting the data it is considered as authentic. it can download daily as well as historical EOD data for the currently configured indexes.

What is the meaning of MWPL?

Market-wide positions limits
All stocks traded in the F&O segment, the exchanges set an MWPL(Market-wide positions limits), this is the maximum number of contracts that can be open at any time(Open Interest), If the open interest of any stock crosses 95% of the MWPL(All futures and options contracts of that stock), all F&O contracts of that stock …

How many lots can we buy in Nifty?

The lot size of Bank Nifty is 25 and so one can buy/sell a maximum of 48 lots in Bank Nifty in a single order. Once the Bank Nifty crosses above 40,000 it will then fall into the next range of 40,001 to 55,000 for which the quantity freeze limit is 600 contracts.

How can I get intraday stock data?

The easiest way to collect intraday stock data from the securities trading markets is to buy this data from a historical data provider. There are many brokerage platforms which provide raw intraday data on the intraday stock market and provide it via exchanges at the time needed.

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