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What is the working set size of a process?

What is the working set size of a process?

The Working Set Size (WSS) is how much memory an application needs to keep working. Your application may have 100 Gbytes of main memory allocated and page mapped, but it is only touching 50 Mbytes each second to do its job. That’s the working set size: the “hot” memory that is frequently used.

What is working set in paging?

The working set of a process is the set of pages in the virtual address space of the process that are currently resident in physical memory.

What is a working set in memory?

Working set is the physical memory assigned to a process by the Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 2000 operating systems. The working set consists of pages, which are sections of code and application data that have recently been used by the process.

What is working set model?

Definition: Working set model is a dynamic page replacement algorithm that allocates frames to a particular process assuming that the nearest future of pages will be used is a closed approximation of the recent past pages in memory. This model uses a parameter ∆ to define the working-set window.

How does page size affect working set size?

Once the app is up and running, reducing the page size results in a more accurate determination of work set, which is in-turn smaller, which requires less memory, which in-turn leads to a lower page fault rate.

What is resident set size Linux?

This is a measure of how much memory a process is consuming in our physical RAM, to load all of its pages after its execution. This includes memory allocated from shared libraries, given they are still present in memory. Also, it includes all heap and stack memory.

Can a process have 2 working sets?

Yes, in fact many processors provide two TLBs for this very reason. As an example, the code being accessed by a process may retain the same working set for a long period of time.

Why is page size 4kb?

A 4 KB page size has been used for Virtual Memory since the sixties. In fact, today, the most common page size is still 4 KB. Choosing a page size is finding the middle ground between several factors. On the one hand, a smaller page will reduce fragmentation; thus saving memory space.

How do you calculate page size?

Finding Optimal Page Size

  1. Page Table Size = number of page entries in page table X size of one page entry.
  2. Let’s consider an example,
  3. Virtual Address Space = 2 GB = 2 X 2 ^ 30 Bytes.
  4. Page Size = 2 KB = 2 X 2 ^ 10 Bytes.
  5. Number of Pages in Page Table = (2 X 2 ^ 30)/(2 X 2 ^ 10) = 1 M pages.

What is maximum Resident Set Size?

Collectively, the total amount is the virtual set size. The peak resident set size (Peak RSS or Max RSS) refers to the peak amount of memory a process has had up to that point.

What is virtual set size?

Show activity on this post. VSZ – Virtual Set Size. The Virtual Set Size is a memory size assigned to a process ( program ) during the initial execution. The Virtual Set Size memory is simply a number of how much memory a process has available for its execution.

What is private Bytes and working set?

Private Bytes are the actual bytes allocated by your app, including pagefile usage. in general, private bytes are the overall committed memory. while the working set refers to the memory that is backed by RAM.

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