What is Zpool command?

What is Zpool command?

The zpool command provides subcommands to create and destroy storage pools, add capacity to storage pools, and provide information about the storage pools.

How do I remove a device from Zpool?

To remove devices from a pool, use the zpool remove command. This command supports removing hot spares, cache, log, and top level virtual data devices. You can remove devices by referring to their identifiers, such as mirror-1 in Example 3, Adding Disks to a Mirrored ZFS Configuration.

What does Zpool clear do?

If a device is taken offline due to a failure that causes errors to be listed in the zpool status output, you can clear the error counts with the zpool clear command. If a device within a pool is loses connectivity and then connectivity is restored, you will need to clear these errors as well.

How do you fix a degraded disk?


  1. Go to Storage Manager > HDD/SSD to see which drive is defective on the active server.
  2. Replace the defective drive on the active server.
  3. Go to Storage Manager > Storage Pool and select the degraded storage space.
  4. Click Repair from the Action drop-down menu.

How can I check my Zpool status?

The health of a pool is determined from the state of all its devices. This state information is displayed by using the zpool status command. In addition, potential pool and device failures are reported by fmd , displayed on the system console, and logged in the /var/adm/messages file.

What is Zpool export?

The manpage for “zpool export” states: Exports the given pools from the system. All devices are marked as exported, but are still considered in use by other subsystems. The devices can be moved between systems (even those of different endianness) and imported as long as a sufficient number of devices are present.

How do I uninstall ZFS?

To destroy a ZFS file system, use the zfs destroy command. By default, all of the snapshots for the dataset will be destroyed. The destroyed file system is automatically unmounted and unshared. For more information about automatically managed mounts or automatically managed shares, see Automatic Mount Points.

What is Zpool scrub?

The scrub examines all data in the specified pools to verify that it checksums correctly. For replicated (mirror, raidz, or draid) devices, ZFS automatically repairs any damage discovered during the scrub.

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