What kind of hearing loss does otosclerosis create?

What kind of hearing loss does otosclerosis create?

People with otosclerosis may notice that they can no longer hear whispering or low-pitched/tone sounds. In most cases, people with otosclerosis have hearing loss in both ears. Approximately 10% to 15% of individuals with otosclerosis have hearing loss in one ear.

Can otosclerosis cause sensorineural deafness?

Otosclerosis usually causes a conductive hearing loss, a hearing loss caused by a problem in the outer or middle ear. Less frequently, otosclerosis may cause a sensorineural hearing loss (damaged sensory cells and/or nerve fibers of the inner ear), as well as a conductive hearing loss.

What is the main cause of otosclerosis?

The exact cause of otosclerosis is unknown. It may be passed down through families. People who have otosclerosis have an abnormal extension of sponge-like bone growing in the middle ear cavity. This growth prevents the ear bones from vibrating in response to sound waves.

Does otosclerosis always progress?

Often, but not always, the damage caused by the disorder peaks sometime in the person’s thirties. While otosclerosis can lead to severe hearing loss, it rarely results in total deafness. People with otosclerosis often are unaware that they have the disorder until they experience hearing loss, which gradually worsens.

Does otosclerosis cause mixed hearing loss?

If remodeling occurs in the bone adjacent to the inner ear, sensorineural hearing loss may occur. Most patients with otosclerosis have a combination of these problems, or a mixed hearing loss. Otosclerosis may cause mild to profound hearing loss and is very variable amongst those affected.

How common is cochlear otosclerosis?

If the definition of cochlear otosclerosis is accepted as the involvement of cochlear endosteum without associated stapes fixation, then the incidence among ears with pure progressive sensorineural hearing loss is about 1%[1].

Can you hear without a stapes?

Most of the time, this happens when bone tissue in your middle ear grows around the stapes in a way it shouldn’t. Your stapes bone has to vibrate for you to hear well. When it can’t do that, sound can’t travel from your middle ear to your inner ear. That makes it hard for you to hear.

Is otosclerosis reversible?

Fortunately, the hearing loss caused by otosclerosis is often reversible through a surgical procedure known as a laser stapedotomy.

Is otosclerosis inherited?

In otosclerosis, a bony growth develops on the stapes that causes it to become fixed. It then can’t vibrate, so the sound vibrations can no longer pass into the inner ear. We know that otosclerosis can be inherited and in about a quarter of cases, there’s a strong family history.

Can audiologist diagnose otosclerosis?

Diagnosis and Treatment of Otosclerosis Otosclerosis can be diagnosed easily by an ear specialist with the help of an audiologist. Hearing testing is usually done in conjunction with an ear exam.

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