What RAL code is Hague Blue?

What RAL code is Hague Blue?

The first one is usually reffered to as color RAL 240 30 10 by RAL….RAL 240 30 10 vs Hague Blue (30)

HEX Code: #344953
RGB Decimal: 52, 73, 83
RGB Float: 0.204, 0.286, 0.325
CMYK Percentage: 37, 12, 0, 67

What colour goes best with Hague Blue?

Most lighter shades of white will work well with Hague Blue, but my favourites choice is Wevet. This pretty shade of white has a very subtle hint of grey to it. It contrasts beautifully with Hague Blue creating a smart, sophisticated colour scheme.

Which Dulux colour is closest to Hague Blue?

Dulux Azure Fusion 1 Colour card supplier E-Paint rates Dulux’s Azure Blue 1 as ‘virtually indistinguishable’ from Farrow & Ball’s Hague Blue – the highest colour match on their scale.

Is Hague Blue a warm colour?

Compared to the usual navy blue, Hague Blue has this deep green undertone that makes it so special and makes other colours, particularly warm colours like brass, orange and yellow, stand out so beautifully next to it.

Do Farrow and Ball Colours have RAL numbers?

Farrow and Ball do not allow any colours other than their own to be tinted into Farrow and Ball paints, however Little Greene and Fenwick and Tilbrook do have RAL codes on their tinting systems and they are currently available in these brands.

What RAL number is Farrow and Ball bone?

This particular HEX color sample is often used to illustrate color named Bone, the code 15 is also used for refference to this Farrow and ball color….Farrow and ball Bone (15) HEX code.

RGB Float: 0.808, 0.765, 0.678
CMYK Percentage: 0, 5, 16, 19
HSL: 40,25,74
LAB: 79,0,12

How many coats of Hague are blue?


Application method Brush, roller or spray
Coverage 35m²
Drying time 2 h
Instructions for storage Protect from frost & extreme temperatures. Best used within 6 months of purchase.
Number of coats 2

Is Hague Blue green?

Farrow and Ball’s website describes Hague Blue as a deep, dark, blue with a green undertone.

Can I colour match Farrow and Ball?

Can Valspar colour match Farrow & Ball? As described in the post, we were able to colour match Farrow & Ball at the Valspar desk. Aside from slightly feeling like a fraud, all you have to do is point out the colour on the F&B colour card (or swatch) and they will match and mix it up there and then.

Does strong white go with Hague Blue?

Hague blue and strong white looks good too. Yellow cake and Vardo look great together. Calming. Literally copied our dining room!

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