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What services does AVBOB offer?

What services does AVBOB offer?

AVBOB Funeral Services currently only operates within the borders of South Africa and therefore member benefits are only offered in South Africa….FREE Member Benefits*

  • FREE funeral arrangement services.
  • A coffin and hearse valued at R12 500.
  • R2 500 cash upfront.
  • FREE transport of the deceased anywhere in South Africa.

What does AVBOB funeral cover?

With AVBOB, you get many free funeral services if you use them to arrange the burial for you. You get a free basic funeral of up to R12 500* over and above your cash pay-out. Benefits include the use of a modern hearse, tents, grave site, transportation of deceased use of mortuary, etc.

How long does it take for AVBOB to pay?

four to 48 hours
The time it takes to pay out a policy once a claim is lodged can be anything from four to 48 hours, depending on the company that issued the policy.

How do I join AVBOB funeral?

Visit your nearest AVBOB branch. Call us on 0861 28 26 21. FREE funeral benefits* only apply if AVBOB is appointed to conduct the funeral.

Can I borrow money from my AVBOB policy?

If members are eligible to request payments from the AVBOB Reward Account* and they have more than R5 000 in the AVBOB Reward Account*, they may request multiple withdrawals from the AVBOB Reward Account* at any time, but subject to a minimum of R1 000 per withdrawal request, provided at least R5 000 remains in the …

What is the waiting period for AVBOB funeral cover?

six months
A waiting period of six months from the start date of the policy, will be applicable to all insured persons in respect of death as a result of natural causes. No waiting period applies in respect of death due to unnatural causes, provided that the policy started and that the first premium has been paid.

How much is the funeral cost at AVBOB?

between R15 000 and R50 000
Avbob, one of the leading funeral homes in the country, said it can charge between R15 000 and R50 000 for a funeral.

How long does AVBOB funeral cover take to pay out?

48 hours
When you put in a claim with AVBOB, you should receive your policy pay-out in 48 hours (Monday to Friday), from the time that AVBOB’s Head Office receives all the correctly completed documentation.

What documents are needed to claim at AVBOB?

A completed “Claim Application Form”. You can get this from any AVBOB funeral agency. The first three pages of the DHA1663 form (Notification/Registration of Death/Stillbirth). Certified copies of the ID of the person who died, the person making the claim, and any other people listed in the policy as beneficiaries.

Can I pay AVBOB policy at Pep?

You can pay your AVBOB premiums at Pick n Pay, Boxer, Shoprite, Checkers, PEP or Usave stores countrywide, through Pay@ in-store payment service.

How much cash back do you get from AVBOB?

When AVBOB FUNERAL SERVICE LIMITED is chosen to conduct the funeral, policyholders of the cashback plan will receive FREE benefits, which include: R2 500 upfront cash payout. FREE funeral arrangements.

How much money can I borrow from my life insurance?

How Much Can You Borrow Against Your Life Insurance Policy? Each insurance company will have different rules in place, but in general, the most you can borrow against your life insurance is up to 90% of its cash value.

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