What Sheliak looks like?

What Sheliak looks like?

Origin: Shelia star system. A technological, non-humanoid life-form of classification R-3; in appearance, a wrap of black, mucous-secreting folds appearing as at least a head and gesturing upper appendages (not too unlike the look of the creature Armus on Vagra II).

Why is it called ensigns of command?

The title of this episode is from the poem “The Wants of Man” by John Quincy Adams. In the context of this poem, the term “ensign” means a flag or symbol, not the Starfleet rank.

Why was Grainger Hines Redubbed?

Actor Grainger Hines, who plays Gosheven, was allegedly so dissatisfied with his performance that he asked for his voice to be overdubbed and his name removed from the episode’s credits.

Is data third in command?

As noted above Data was referred to by Picard as his “second-in-command” (rather than “third-in-command”) during the same introduction of Riker as his “first officer”, both are the same title.

Why was Gosheven dubbed?

Figmo Cadet Newbie. Grainger Hines claims the studio did not like his voice. They thought he sounded too much like John Wayne. So they dubbed his lines with another actor.

How did Troi outrank data?

Deanna Troi does outrank Data because a full commander is one grade higher then lieutenant commander.

What rank was Troi?

lieutenant commander
Troi is half-human, half-Betazoid and has the psionic ability to sense emotions. She serves as the ship’s counselor on USS Enterprise-D. Throughout most of the series, she holds the rank of lieutenant commander….

Deanna Troi
Rank Commander (Season 7, films) Lieutenant Commander (Seasons 1–7)

What is the age of Vega?

about 450 million years old
The star is only about 450 million years old, which makes it a youngster compared to our own solar system (which is 4.6 billion years old). Studies of Vega help astronomers learn more about solar systems that are in the early stages of their formation.

What type of star is Vega?

A0VVega / Spectral type

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