What should be recorded in ships logbook?

What should be recorded in ships logbook?

Names of vessel, MMSI Number & Call Sign. Number of persons on board. Time of each log entry (this may be local time, ship’s time or UT – and should be specific clearly) Departure Port / Destination Port & associated HW & LW times and heights.

How do you correct a wrong entry in the log book?

A ship shall be required to preserve the official logbook for a period of 3 years after the last entry was made. If a wrong entry has been made, it should be corrected by single strike along with the signature of the Watchkeeper, who corrected the entry.

Who is responsible for the deck logbook?

The deck log may, at the discretion of the master or owner, can be kept united with the ship’s official log book log so that in all cases the spaces in the official logbook be duly filled up. For this reason, the logbook of a ship should be properly filled without any errors. Time of arrival and departure and ETA.

Which item must be entered in the official log?

Official Log Book The logbook is considered to be a running log of all official events such as Arrival / Departure of the vessel to/from the port, Draughts, Freeboards, Onboard Emergency Drills, Crew onboard, Fuel/Fresh Water ROB, Master’s Handing Over/Taking Over, etc.

What are the log book entries you make in deck log book after the cargo watch?

Deck log book should contain routine navigational information including positions at regular intervals and method of position fixing, courses steered, allowances made for compass error, leeway and set. Standard Meteorological data which must be carefully monitored and log down in every watch.

How do you correct entries?

Correcting entries with adjustments To adjust an entry, find the difference between the correct amount and the error posted in your books. Enter the difference (adjustment amount) in the correct account(s). If the original entry was too low, increase an account. If the original entry was too high, decrease an account.

What to do if an error is recorded in a journal entry?

If an error is recorded in a journal entry, cancel the error by drawing a neat line through the error, correct the entry by writing the correct item above the canceled error, and do not erase the incorrect item. entry date in the Date column of the account.

Why must we maintain an accurate logbook?

The primary reason for maintaining a ship’s log is for navigation and safe passage. The log is a legal document that is used to record fixes, courses steered, weather forecasts, wind speed and direction, periodic readings of the ship’s heading and speed and it’s barometer.

What entries will the deck officer fill up during his watch?

Following are the entries which must be filled up by the Deck officer during his/her watch:

  • The position of the ship in Latitude and Longitude at different intervals.
  • Time to be noted when Navigation marks are passed.
  • Time, details and reason if there is any course alteration.

When should correcting entries be made?

A counterbalancing error happens when one mistake cancels out another mistake. You must make a correcting entry if you discover you’ve made a categorizing or mathematical error. If you originally posted to the wrong account, you might need to adjust the entire entry. Or, you might have to make a minor adjustment.

What is a correcting journal entry example?

For example, $1000 worth of salaries payable wasn’t recorded (an error of omission). To make the correction, a journal entry of $1000 must be added under “salary expense” (debit) and $1000 added as “salary payable” (credit).

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