What was the Aachen Cathedral made of?

What was the Aachen Cathedral made of?

Construction of the palace (in the location of the modern Rathaus and Aachen Cathedral) on the site of a Roman bath. The Octagon was built with columns and marble from ancient buildings of Rome, Ravenna, Trier & Cologne). The exterior was covered with red plaster.

What does the construction of the Cathedral at Aachen represent?

It is Emperor Charlemagne´s own Palatine Chapel, which constitutes the nucleus of the Cathedral of Aachen, located in western Germany. The construction of the chapel between 793 and 813 symbolises the unification of the West and its spiritual and political revival under the aegis of Charlemagne.

What are the main architectural models for Palatine Chapel at Aachen?

It was designed by Odo of Metz, who modeled it after the Byzantine-style church of San Vitale (consecrated 547) in Ravenna, Italy. The most important surviving examples of Carolingian architecture are exhibited in the chapel.

What architectural style is Aachen Cathedral?

Gothic architecture
Romanesque architectureCarolingian architectureOttonian architecture
Aachen Cathedral/Architectural styles

How was the Aachen Cathedral built?

The Cathedral was built in the form of octagon with the choir and chapels. The octagon takes the core position and has the golden mosaics pictures with the God and twenty four Ancients around Him. It interior is also decorated by fascinating statues and Charlemagne’s grave.

What architectural style is the cathedral of Aachen?

What types of vaults characterize Romanesque architecture?

There were three sorts of vaulting popular in Romanesque times. First was the barrel vault. Next came the groin vault, which was later improved to ribbed vault.

What feature is an important aspect of Gothic architecture?

The most fundamental element of the Gothic style of architecture is the pointed arch, which was likely borrowed from Islamic architecture that would have been seen in Spain at this time. The pointed arch relieved some of the thrust, and therefore, the stress on other structural elements.

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