What zone is Lansdale Doylestown line?

What zone is Lansdale Doylestown line?

Train Number Zone Station Name 5203 5217
4 9th Street 5:28am 12:28pm
4 Lansdale 5:38am 12:38pm
4 Pennbrook 5:41am 12:41pm
4 North Wales 5:44am 12:44pm

What regional rail goes to Doylestown?

Lansdale/Doylestown Line
The Lansdale/Doylestown Line is a SEPTA Regional Rail line connecting Center City Philadelphia to Doylestown in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

What zone is Lansdale SEPTA?

zone 4
Lansdale station, also known as the Lansdale Transportation Center, is a SEPTA Regional Rail station in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. Located at Main Street (PA 63) and Green Street, it serves the Lansdale/Doylestown Line….Lansdale station.

Fare zone 4
Opened February 7, 1903
Electrified July 26, 1931

What zone is Doylestown SEPTA?

fare zone 4
Train service at Doylestown is provided along the Lansdale/Doylestown Line of SEPTA Regional Rail, which begins at the station and runs south to Center City Philadelphia. Doylestown station is located in fare zone 4.

How much is a train ticket from Lansdale to Philadelphia?

The best way to get from Lansdale to Philadelphia is to train which takes 52 min and costs $1 – $9. Alternatively, you can line 96 bus and line 124 bus, which costs $1 – $12 and takes 2h 18m.

How much is the Lansdale Doylestown line?

SEPTA operates a train from Doylestown to Lansdale hourly. Tickets cost $1 – $7 and the journey takes 27 min.

What street is suburban station on in Philadelphia?

Suburban Station is an art deco office building and underground commuter rail station in Penn Center, Philadelphia. Its official SEPTA address is 16th Street and JFK Boulevard.

When was Doylestown train station built?

Built for the Reading Railroad in 1871. There’s a pizza place in it now, and SEPTA Regional Rail Doylestown Line uses the platform (this is the terminal station on that line.)

Does Septa Regional Rail take cash?

No problem! Cash is accepted onboard surface vehicles and Quick Trips can be purchased at Subway/Elevated station kiosks. A Quick Trip is a single trip ride purchased from Station Fare Kiosks on the Broad Street, Market/Frankford, Norristown High Speed Lines, and select Trolley stations.

Where is entrance to Suburban Station Philadelphia?

Suburban Station
Front entrance of Suburban Station
General information
Location 16th Street & JFK Boulevard Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Owned by SEPTA

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