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When was Yeadon airport built?

When was Yeadon airport built?

17 October 1931
Leeds Bradford opened on 17 October 1931 when it was known as Leeds and Bradford Municipal Aerodrome or Yeadon Aerodrome; locals still refer to it as Yeadon Airport….RAF Yeadon.

Royal Air Force Station Yeadon
Controlled by Royal Air Force
Site history
Built 1931
In use 1936–1939, 1946–1957

When did Leeds Bradford Airport open?

October 17th, 1931
Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA) opened during the interwar period, on October 17th, 1931. At this time, the facility was not known by this name, but rather as Leeds and Bradford Municipal Aerodrome. It also became known by the shorter designation of Yeadon Aerodrome, in reference to the nearest town to the facility.

How many airports are there in Leeds?

The nearest airport to Leeds is Leeds Bradford (LBA) Airport which is 6.8 miles away. Other nearby airports include Manchester (MAN) (42.5 miles), Liverpool (LPL) (62.7 miles), Newcastle (NCL) (86.5 miles) and Birmingham (BHX) (93.7 miles).

How many runways does Leeds Bradford Airport have?

two runways
There are two runways at LBA; runway 14 (towards Horsforth) and runway 32 (towards Menston and Burley-in-Wharfedale). The runway used largely depends on the weather conditions, as aircraft take off and land into wind. There are no established NPRs for arriving aircraft.

What aircraft were built at Yeadon?

After the war ended, Yeadon built a further 76 Avro Anson, 12 Avro Lancaster, 27 Avro York and 2 Avro Lincoln aircraft although by then the airfield had resumed civilian flights. Before long it had developed into the Leeds-Bradford International Airport that we see today.

Who owns Liverpool airport?

The Peel Group
The Airport is part-owned by The Peel Group, a leading infrastructure, transport and real estate investment company in the UK, who first became involved with the airport in 1997 and who have since made significant investments in the business.

Who owns Leeds airport?

Leeds Bradford Airport has been sold to a new owner by private equity firm Bridgepoint. Sydney-based fund AMP Capital, which owns Newcastle Airport as well as stakes in Thames Water and Angel Trains, has agreed to acquire 100 per cent of the airport from Bridgepoint.

What did Leeds Bradford Airport used to be called?

Yeadon Airport
Leeds Bradford was initially known as Yeadon Airport when it commenced club flights and training in 1931. Four years later, the first scheduled flights began to Newcastle, Edinburgh, Blackpool and the Isle of Man. Work on the terminal building started in 1936, although only one wing was completed.

Is Yeadon Tarn man made?

Is Yeadon Tarn Lake Man Made? The lake was naturally occurring, and later enlarged for industrial purposes and leisure use. It can be seen as being referred to as a fish pond on older maps. In 1925 Yeadon UDC bought the dam from Messrs D Waterwortfor (a local solicitor) for £2400.

Where was the Lancaster bomber built in Yeadon?

They also built 695 Lancaster Bombers. “And I must stress this, none of the Lancasters which took part in the Dambusters raid on May 16, 1943, were built at Yeadon, all were built in Manchester,” says Gerald.

When was Liverpool airport built?

About Us. Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LJLA) is one of the UK’s longest established operational Airports having been officially opened on 1st July 1933.

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