Where we can define default init-method?

Where we can define default init-method?

When many beans in a context definition will have the same initialization and destroy method name, you can define a default-init-method and default-destroy-method in the attributes of the beans element. This way you don’t have to define individual init-method and destroy-method for each of your beans.

What is Init-method in Spring?

The init-method attribute specifies a method that is to be called on the bean immediately upon instantiation. Similarly, destroymethod specifies a method that is called just before a bean is removed from the container.

How bean is initialized in Spring?

Using Annotation: To provide the facility to the created bean to invoke custom init() method on the startup of a spring container and to invoke the custom destroy() method on closing the container, we need annotate init() method by @PostConstruct annotation and destroy() method by @PreDestroy annotation.

Which method performs the initialization of a bean?

Which interface is used to perform initialization of beans? Explanation: Spring allows your bean to perform initialization callback methods afterPropertiesSet() by implementing the InitializingBean and interfaces.

What is Spring lazy init?

lazy-init in spring is the attribute of bean tag. The values of lazy-init are true and false. If lazy-init is true, then that bean will be initialized when a request is made to bean. This bean will not be initialized when the spring container is initialized.

What is Singleton scope in Spring?

The scope of the Spring singleton is best described as per container and per bean. This means that if you define one bean for a particular class in a single Spring container, then the Spring container will create one and only one instance of the class defined by that bean definition.

What is the difference between init () and start () method explain?

2. start( ) : The start( ) method is called after init( ). It is also called to restart an applet after it has been stopped. Note that init( ) is called once i.e. when the first time an applet is loaded whereas start( ) is called each time an applet’s HTML document is displayed onscreen.

What is default scope of bean in Spring framework?

Spring – Bean Scopes

Sr.No. Scope & Description
1 singleton This scopes the bean definition to a single instance per Spring IoC container (default).
2 prototype This scopes a single bean definition to have any number of object instances.

Is Spring lazy load by default?

By default in Spring, all the defined beans, and their dependencies, are created when the application context is created. In contrast, when we configure a bean with lazy initialization, the bean will only be created, and its dependencies injected, once they’re needed.

What is the default type of loading in Spring?

By default, Spring “application context” eagerly creates and initializes all ‘singleton scoped’ beans during application startup itself. It helps in detecting the bean configuration issues at early stage, in most of the cases.

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