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Which direction is good for cupboard in bedroom?

Which direction is good for cupboard in bedroom?

south-west direction
The south-west direction is ideal for placing bedroom wardrobes or cabinets or cupboards. If not possible, the north-west is another suitable direction. However, a heavy almirah should be placed either on the south or the west wall.

What should not be kept in bedroom?

If the bed in the room is under a beam, this may lead to you having disturbed sleep. Do not place the water jug placed in the South-East direction as this may cause sleeplessness. Dark-coloured furniture in the bedroom is not recommended. Never leave the door of a wash space/attached bathroom open during the night.

What is the Vastu tips for bedroom?

Direction of bedroom, according to Vastu. The master bedroom should ideally be located in the south-west corner of the home, as it is linked with good health, longevity and prosperity. North-west is also a good option and suits the guest bedroom or your children’s bedroom best.

Where should we keep wardrobe?

Wardrobe Facing Vastu (Direction) The ideal direction for the wardrobe is the southwest (first choice) or the northwest (second choice) of the house as it ensures the constant flow of money in the household. However, a heavy wardrobe can be placed on the west or south wall. The bedroom doors should open to the north.

Can almirah face east?

The almirah should not be placed in the Northeast, North, or East direction of the house or any particular room in the house. These directions should be left open for the proper flow of positive vibrations. The best material for making an almirah or cupboard in the room is wood.

Can almirah face north?

Vastu For Almirah Position In Bedroom: Direction An almirah’s position as per Vastu is the southwest direction so that it can open in the north or east of the bedroom.

Which direction should cupboard doors open?

Always place the almirah in the Northeast or Southwest corner while placing one in the bedroom. If you are putting an almirah in the bedroom, don’t opt for mirrors in or around it. Make sure the almirah doesn’t face your bed. The direction to open the door of the almirah should be East and South.

Which side should almirah face?

Can almirah face south?

Bedroom Vastu Tip #3: Wardrobes and Almirahs Vastu for bedroom suggests that you should place heavy objects like cupboards and almirahs in the south, south-west or west directions. As per vastu tips for bedroom, try placing the safe towards the south wall and make sure it opens towards the north.

Which side should locker face?

The best zone for the placement of locker is the North zone of the house. Make sure that the locker faces North, which means that the locker door should open in the North. Since North is the zone of Lord Kuber, it will always accumulate more wealth and abundance.

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