Which is the best safari in South India?

Which is the best safari in South India?

10 Best Wildlife Safaris in South India

  • Bandipur National Park.
  • Periyar National Park.
  • Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary.
  • Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Silent Valley National Park.
  • Eravikulam National Park.
  • Mudumalai National Park.
  • Nagarhole National Park.

Which wildlife safari is best in India?

Experience the Best Wildlife Safari in India

  1. Ranthambore National Park. Image Source:
  2. Hemis National Park. Image Source:
  3. Jim Corbett. Image Source:
  4. Bandhavgarh National Park. Image Source:
  5. Kanha National Park. Image Source:
  6. Pench National Park. Image Source:
  7. Satpura National Park. Image Source:
  8. Sasan-Gir Wildlife Sanctuary.

Which is the largest sanctuary of South India?

Top National Parks in South India

  1. Periyar National Park, Kerala – India’s Largest Tiger Reserve.
  2. Madumalai National Park, Tamil Nadu.
  3. Nagarhole National Park, Karnataka – Of national parks and bird sanctuaries in South India.
  4. Bandipur National Park, Karnataka – Tiger reserves in the Nilgiris.
  5. Anshi National Park, Dandeli.

Which is the best tiger reserve in South India?

Tiger Reserves in South India

  • Periyar Tiger Reserve.
  • Nagarhole Tiger Reserve.
  • Bandipur Tiger Reserve.
  • Dandi Anshi Tiger Reserve.
  • Bhadra Tiger Reserve.
  • Mudumalai Tiger Reserve.
  • Anamalai Tiger Reserve.

Are there tigers in South India?

South India not only houses the largest tiger population in India, but it also has a distinct genetic cluster.

Which animal is famous in Tamilnadu?

Notable species include Arboreal animals distributed in its hills, grasslands, mangroves, scrubs and forests. These also include vulnerable species like the Bengal tiger, Nilgiri Tahr, and the lion-tailed macaque. Other mammals found in Tamil Nadu include: Bengal tiger.

Where we can touch lion in India?

Only Lion Safari in India – Sasan Gir National Park.

Who is the best wildlife in India?

Top 10 Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

  • Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand.
  • Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala.
  • Sundarbans National Park in West Bengal.
  • Kaziranga National Park in Assam.
  • Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan.
  • Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh.
  • Bandipur National Park in Karnataka.

Which is the most beautiful tiger reserve in India?

10 Best Tiger Reserves in India

  • Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, Rajasthan.
  • Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve, Uttarakhand.
  • Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh.
  • Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve, Andhra Pradesh.
  • Sunderbans Tiger Reserve, West Bengal.
  • Sariska National Park, Rajasthan.
  • Periyar Tiger Reserve, Kerala.

Are tigers found in South India?

The South Indian states of Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are home to nearly 44% of the elephants, 35% of the tigers and 31% of the leopards in India….State-wise data.

State Total
Tigers (2020) 2,975
Elephants (2017) 27,662
Leopards (2015) 9,348
Asiatic lion (2020) 674


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