Which type of soil is unfit for agriculture?

Which type of soil is unfit for agriculture?

Solution : Soils such as sand and clay are not suitable for growing crops. Sandy soil loses water at a high rate leading to a low level of water retention that is unsuitable for plant growth.

What are the types of soil in Tamilnadu?

The predominant soils of Tamil Nadu are red loam, laterite, black, alluvial and saline soils. Red Loam : This soil occupies a large part of the State particularly interior districts including the coastal districts.

Is black soil good for coconut tree?

Black soils are rich in calcium, potassium, and magnesium, but low in nitrogen. Sandy soil is low in nutrient content but helps grow trees like coconut, cashew, and casuarinas in high-rainfall areas. As the name suggests, the black soil is dark and sticky with a clay-like quality.

Which soil is more fertile?

Alluvial soil
Alluvial soil is the most fertile soil because it has loamy texture and is rich in humus. It has good water absorbing capacity and water retention capacity.

Which soil is most fertile soil?

Porous loamy soils are the richest of all, laced with organic matter which retains water and provides the nutrients needed by crops. Sand and clay soils tend to have less organic matter and have drainage problems: sand is very porous and clay is impermeable.

Which soil is best for farming?

Loamy-textured soils are commonly described as medium textured with functionally-equal contributions of sand, silt, and clay. These medium-textured soils are often considered ideal for agriculture as they are easily cultivated by farmers and can be highly productive for crop growth.

What is the best fertilizer for coconut trees?

Apply 1.3 kg urea (560 g N), 2.0 kg superphosphate (320 g P2O5), and 2.0 kg muriate of potash (1200 g K2O) in two equal distributions during June-July and December-January. Apply fertilizer in a 1.8-meter circular basin from the base of the palm, add them and irrigate.

What is the best soil for coconut tree?

Coconut plant growth will best occur with sandy soils as the planting medium. This well-draining soil will provide the best nutrients and prevent coconut root balls from getting waterlogged. To increase the nutrient intake for your coconut, mix a little vermiculite into your sandy soil.

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