Who is Martin Bunton?

Who is Martin Bunton?

Martin Bunton teaches history at the University of Victoria in British Columbia. His research focuses on the history of the modern Middle East with a focus on administrative policy, land legislation and taxation.

What major is UVic known for?

UVic is also ranked among the world’s top 300 schools in the arts and humanities, engineering, computer science and the life sciences. Arts and humanities include the subject areas of art, performing arts, design, languages, literature, linguistics, history, philosophy, theology, architecture and archaeology.

What was UVic called before UVic?

Victoria College
History & traditions The university received degree-granting status in 1963. The origins of UVic, however, can be traced back to 1903 and the establishment of Victoria College, our predecessor institution.

What is rank of Victoria University in Canada?

University of Victoria 2021-2022 Ranking

Institution Name University of Victoria
Country Canada
World Rank 385
National Rank 16
Quality of Education Rank

How does University of Victoria rank?

University of Victoria Rankings University of Victoria is ranked #334 in Best Global Universities. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

Who owns the University of Victoria?

Baillie Gifford (Global Equity) ESG Philosophy: Whether one calls it corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, ESG, responsible business conduct, or sustainability, the underlying concept is the same: a company’s character matters.

Why should I go to UVic?

Education at UVic Endless opportunities to learn and take control of your education. Support and help centers. Available and down-to-earth professors (in my experience as a Biology student). You get what you put into your education.

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