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Who is Mason Ford sponsored by?

Who is Mason Ford sponsored by?

Dynamic Discs
After winning his first Elite Series event in 2021, Mason Ford signed a two-year endorsement deal with Dynamic Discs, the manufacturer announced today.

How much does Calvin heimburg make?

Superlatives & Stats

Player 2021 Tournament Earnings
Paige Pierce $64,286
Calvin Heimburg $59,785
Kyle Klein $59,566
Eagle McMahon $58,065

Who signed with dynamic discs?

Flash forward a few years, and Wysocki is set to become the highest-paid disc golfer in the world. Dynamic Discs announced Tuesday morning that it had signed a four-year, $4 million endorsement deal with Wysocki.

How old is Emerson Keith Pdga?

Emerson Keith is one of the most interesting up and coming players on tour. He is only 21 years old but plays like an experienced touring pro.

Who is Kevin Jones sponsored by?

Prodigy Disc
After signing a three-year deal with Prodigy Disc prior to the 2019 season, Kevin Jones is committing for the long-term with a four-year extension with the Georgia-based manufacturer. “I really appreciate Prodigy for what they’ve done for me the past three years,” Jones said in a video released on his Instagram.

Who is Ron Russell?

Ron Russell was a semi-professional racquetball player who had no idea there was a disc golf course in his hometown River Bends, Mich. When a friend took him out to play a round, Russell realized he was a natural.

What happened Nikko Locastro?

December 28, 2021 by Charlie Eisenhood in Livewire, News with 4 comments. Westside Discs announced on Instagram that Nikko Locastro won’t return as a sponsored player in 2022, despite the fact that he signed a two-year extension through 2023 at the beginning of the year.

What pros throw Dynamic Discs?

Touring Team


How much is Kona Panis making?

January 3, 2022 by Charlie Eisenhood in News with 2 comments “She’ll make more than [$500,000], based on performance bonuses, social media bonuses,” said DD Team Manager Eric McCabe. The $500,000 announced contract is guaranteed.

What does Drew Gibson putt with?

The Penrose
The Penrose will be Gibson’s signature disc with the company and will be his primary putter during the 2021 season. “This putter is weighted differently that a normal putter,” said Gibson of the Penrose.

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