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Who is open on Christmas Day in Sacramento?

Who is open on Christmas Day in Sacramento?

Top 10 Best restaurants open christmas day in Sacramento, CA

  • Tower Cafe. 2.8 mi. 4287 reviews.
  • The Cheesecake Factory – Sacramento. 2.1 mi. 1829 reviews.
  • Fixins Soul Kitchen. 2.0 mi. 1742 reviews.
  • The Firehouse Restaurant. 3.4 mi. 1622 reviews.
  • Ramen House Ryujin. 2.3 mi.
  • Cafeteria 15L. 2.4 mi.
  • Seasons 52. 2.1 mi.
  • Paesanos. 2.2 mi.

What places are open on Christmas Day in California?

California Theme Parks & Attractions OPEN ON CHRISTMAS DAY

  • BEACHES: Open every day of the year.
  • CASINOS: Almost all casinos are open Christmas Day.
  • ICE SKATING RINKS: Many of these rinks listed are open on Christmas Day.
  • MOUNTAIN RESORTS: Ski lifts are open for Christmas.

Is LA Chinatown open on Christmas Day?

17. Chinatown. When’s the last time you had a wander and a bite in Chinatown? Many of the shops and most of the restaurants in Chinatown are open on Christmas Day—in fact, a Chinese meal is a holiday tradition for many families.

What is there to do in Sacramento on Christmas Day?

Fun Activities for Christmas in Sacramento

  • Check out the majestic Theatre of Lights.
  • Play a virtual reality Christmas-themed escape room.
  • Watch a tree lighting ceremony on the Waterfront.
  • Check out a Christmas play.
  • Take a historic walking tour.
  • Go ice skating in Folsom.
  • Go for a driving light tour of Ranch Cordova.

What does California hedonism mean?

Hedonism is the indulgence in sensory pleasures such as sex, drugs, food and music. Hedonism is usually in opposition to a more spiritual life in which people turn away from transitory sensual pleasure in favor of embracing things that are eternal and unchanging.

What is there to do in Northern California on Christmas Day?

Northern California Christmas Events 2021

  • Napa Valley Wine Train’s Santa Train.
  • Polar Express Sacramento.
  • River Fox Train’s Magical Christmas Train.
  • Niles Canyon Railway Train of Lights.
  • Roaring Camp Railroads in Santa Cruz.

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