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Who is smarter Cyborg or Iron Man?

Who is smarter Cyborg or Iron Man?

Strictly speaking, Vic has the potential to be far smarter than even Tony Stark. However, without the Mother Box to aide him, Victor is nowhere near as smart as someone like Tony Stark.

Who is stronger between Iron Man and Cyborg?

Further, Iron Man is simply much faster and stronger than Cyborg, and has anti-hacking defences that have been successfully tested against people way smarter and better at technopathy than Cyborg could ever hope to be, like Ultron.

Is Cyborg a Mother Box?

Yup, it turns out Cyborg is the third Mother Box. The Cyborg Mother Box connection was confirmed in the latest issue of Total Film (via Heroic Hollywood). To back up a bit, Mother Boxes are strange but immensely powerful devices that come from the planet Apokolips, which in the comics is ruled by Darkseid.

How strong is Cyborg?

Superhuman Strength: At optimal capacity, Vic can lift/press in excess of four metric tons. If he pushes himself, he can even exceed five tons, but not without causing severe stress to his cybernetic components. Cyborg’s upper strength limits have fluctuated with upgrades to his systems over time.

Can Cyborg beat Ultron?

At first glance, Cyborg appears to have a chance to defeat Ultron. Given Ultron’s tendency to learn and become near-omnipotent in an electronic or digital environment, Cyborg would ultimately be outclassed and outgunned. The hero also has certain physical limitations, being part organic.

Is Nth metal stronger than Vibranium?

Much like vibranium, Nth metal is extremely strong, durable, and somewhat rare in its supply, but has also been known to hold abilities that far exceed anything vibranium is capable of.

What is Cyborg’s suit made out of?

Cyborg’s Armor is the technological armor fused to Victor Stone’s body. It was created from an activated Mother Box merging with a heavily injured Victor Stone.

What is Cyborg’s strongest form?

1 The Mother Box

  • Cyborg.
  • DC Comic.

What is Cyborg’s weakness?

In an interview, Ray Fisher revealed that Cyborg’s main weakness is maintaining his humanity, and not becoming lost to his technology.

Can Ultron beat Aquaman?

Aquaman might be strong on land and especially in water, but that wouldn’t be enough to keep him evenly matched against Ultron. Even the trident, magical as it is, isn’t that powerful against Ultron’s adamantium skin.

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