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Who is the father of co-operative movement in Kerala?

Who is the father of co-operative movement in Kerala?

COONOOR: As the country gears to celebrate the ‘National Cooperative Week’ beginning from Wednesday, only a few in the present era knew that for Sir Frederic Nicholson, known as ‘Father of the Cooperative Movement’ in the country, Coonoor hills was his home where he lived for three decades after retirement, and died …

Which is the first cooperative society in Kerala?

As per the Act, the first cooperative society – The Trivandrum Central Cooperative Bank – was registered in the year 1915. The bank started functioning on 18th January 1916 with a share capital of Rs. 1.00 Lakh consisting of 1000 shares of Rs. 100 each.

What is co-operative society in Kerala?

Based on the Kerala Co-operative Societies Act, co-operative societies were established covering all activities concerned with the day to day life of the common man which played a significant role in the socio- economic development of Kerala. At present co-operative movement has spread over to all sectors of our state.

How many cooperative societies are there in Kerala?

11,892 cooperative societies
Kerala has one of India’s most vibrant network of cooperatives. Its ministry of cooperation lists 11,892 cooperative societies that function across sectors, such as agriculture, dairy, industry and services—including banks, hospitals, colleges, grocery stores and restaurants.

How did the cooperative movement start?

In 1844 the Rochdale Pioneers founded the modern Co-operative Movement in Lancashire, England, to provide an affordable alternative to poor-quality and adulterated food and provisions, using any surplus to benefit the community.

How many cooperative banks are there in Kerala?

In addition to the 14 district co-operative banks, Kerala has a network of 1,692 Primary Agricultural Credit Societies (PACS’s) and 16 licensed Urban Co-operative Banks all of which have become members/shareholders of Kerala State Co-operative Bank.

How is cooperative society formed in Kerala?

Documents for the Registration of a Cooperative Society in Kerala

  1. Application form No.
  2. Threes copies of proposed by-laws duly signed by at least 25 individual if all applicants are individual.
  3. Receipted Challan or a certification obtained from the financing bank in token having deposited the initial share capital.

When did the Kerala cooperative society Act came into force?

An Act to consolidate, amend and unify the laws relating to Co-operative Societies in the State of Kerala. (1) This Act may be called the Kerala Co-operative Societies Act, 1969.

Who is the present Registrar of Cooperative Societies of Kerala?

1. Shri. M. D. Rapthap, IAS. 2.

What is cooperative movement?

The cooperative movement was introduced in India as a State policy and owes its inauguration to the enactment of the Cooperative Societies Act, 1904. In the pre-independence era the movement has passed through various stages of development and has seen ups and downs.

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