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Who lives in Fort Belvedere now?

Who lives in Fort Belvedere now?

Galen and Hilary Weston From the early 1980s until his death in 2021, the lease on Fort Belvedere has been held by the late Canadian billionaire retail magnate Galen Weston and his wife, Hilary. It continues to be occupied by his family.

Is Fort Belvedere still a royal residence?

It is a former royal residence – from 1750 to 1976 – and is most famous for being the home of King Edward VIII. Fort Belvedere is still owned by the Crown, and is now occupied by private tenants.

Where is Fort Belvedere in relation to Windsor Castle?

Located in Windsor Great Park, adjoining Windsor Castle, Fort Belvedere is part of the Crown Estate. It was built between 1750-1755 for Prince William Augustus, The Duke of Cumberland (son of King George II), and used as a summer house.

Where is Fort Belvedere now?

Windsor Great Park
Fort Belvedere is a fifty-nine acre estate within the grounds of Windsor Great Park. The property is part of the Crown Estate and has housed a number of royals over the centuries including, most recently, The Duke of Windsor.

Is Prince William moving to Fort Belvedere?

Reportedly, the duke and duchess are now considering Fort Belvedere, otherwise known as ‘the Queen’s forgotten castle’ or ‘The Fort’ within the fold, and Adelaide Cottage, nestled in the heart of the Home Park, as their new home.

Where is the Queen’s forgotten castle?

Their residence at Anmer in Norfolk is too far from London as a permanent base, says Nicholl, so Windsor would make an ideal commuter home for engagements and events. The Queen has also relocated to Windsor Castle on the same royal estate.

Are Will and Kate moving to Fort Belvedere?

However, it’s now understood that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have abandoned their plans to set up digs at the idyllic Fort Belvedere. According to sources, the couple has recently turned their focus to private properties in the Windsor area.

Will Kate and William move to Fort Belvedere?

What do you call a female Duke?

The female equivalent of duke is duchess.

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