Who makes MGM barrels?

Who makes MGM barrels?

The Story – How Preferred Barrel Blanks Came to be Through MGM. Match Grade Machine has strived to make high quality, custom, precise Thompson center break action replacement barrels with short lead times since we started in 2005. We are the only company to produce each piece of the TC barrels in house under one roof.

Who makes barrels for encore?

Custom Built Thompson Center Encore Gun Barrels Here at Match Grade Machine (MGM) we’ve specialized in custom built Thompson Center Encore barrels for over 30 years. Our machine shop can custom build you the exact Encore barrel that you’ve always wanted.

Do they still make a Thompson Contender?

With simple barrel interchangeability, time-proven long range accuracy and adaptability between rimfire and centerfire, the versatility of the G2 Contender is unmatched by any other interchangeable platform in the world….Rifle Barrels.

Caliber 23″ Blued 23″ Stainless
30-30 Win 06234228

Why choose MGM custom gun barrels?

All due to our incredible attention to detail, and complimented with our shockingly fast turnaround time makes MGM custom gun barrels top of the line. We have a wide range of Thompson Center Encore and Contender barrels available for instant purchase, or using our custom gun builder.

Are the new calibers compatible with the Contender G2?

We developed a new lug that will only allow these new calibers to be compatible with only the Contender G2 frames. This new design will allow Contender G2 users to install these barrels and function flawlessly, however original Contender users will not be able to install these barrels or lock them into place.

Why choose match grade machine for custom gun barrels?

Here at Match Grade Machine, our machinists have been specially trained to produce the finest custom gun barrels on the market. Specializing in Thompson Center Contender Barrels and Thompson Center Encore barrels. These machinists can produce the best custom built TC Contender barrels on the market.

Why do I need a MGM scope base?

By using the required (some calibers) MGM scope base this will help save scopes and produce the best accuracy possible. We are going to continue to bring more calibers available for the G2 models. *All orders will have to be taken over the phone for these new offerings for now.

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