Who played The Elephant Man on Broadway?

Who played The Elephant Man on Broadway?

Bradley Cooper
Two-time Academy Award nominee Bradley Cooper stars in Bernard Pomerance’s Tony Award-winning classic, The Elephant Man, based on the real life of Joseph Merrick, a 19th century British man who became a star of the traveling freak show circuit.

Did John Hurt play The Elephant Man?

He starred as the deformed John Merrick in the 1980 film “The Elephant Man.” He played the defiant, gay writer Quentin Crisp in “The Naked Civil Servant.” In the BBC series “I, Claudius,” he starred as the emperor Caligula.

Was The Elephant Man a real man?

Joseph Merrick, in full Joseph Carey Merrick, also called the Elephant Man, (born August 5, 1862, Leicester, Leicestershire, England—died April 11, 1890, London), disfigured man who, after a brief career as a professional “freak,” became a patient of London Hospital from 1886 until his death.

Is The Elephant Man based on a true story?

When Joseph Merrick began to grow a “trunk” on his face, he became a household name. But his story is only just reaching a conclusion.

Did David Bowie ever play the Elephant Man?

From July 1980 to January 1981, David Bowie played the part of the real-life eighteenth century character John Merick – the Elephant Man.

Did Bradley Cooper play the Elephant Man?

News Bradley Cooper Makes West End Debut in The Elephant Man Tonight Bradley Cooper is making his West End debut in the title role of Bernard Pomerance’s The Elephant Man, which he recently appeared in at Broadway’s Booth Theatre, at London’s Theatre Royal, Haymarket, beginning performances May 19 for a run through Aug …

Did Michael Jackson own The Elephant Man’s bones?

LONDON (AP) _ The London Hospital Medical College says it will not sell the skeleton of John Merrick, the so-called Elephant Man, to Michael Jackson no matter how much the American pop star offers.

Why was Joseph Merrick deformed?

The exact cause of Merrick’s deformities is unclear. In 1986 it was conjectured that he had Proteus syndrome. DNA tests on his hair and bones in a 2003 study were inconclusive because his skeleton had been bleached multiple times before being displayed at the Royal London Hospital.

What did the real Elephant Man look like?

But at 21 months, he began developing swelling of his lips, followed by a bony lump on his forehead, which later grew to roughly resemble an elephant’s trunk and loosing of his skin. In later years, his left and right arms began to grow significant differences and both feet were enlarged.

What Broadway show was David Bowie in?

Lazarus is a musical with music and lyrics composed by David Bowie, and a book written by Enda Walsh. First performed at the end of 2015, it was one of the last works Bowie completed before his death on 10 January 2016….Lazarus (musical)

Off-Broadway promotional poster
Music David Bowie
Lyrics David Bowie
Book Enda Walsh

What year did the original Elephant Man come out?

January 1, 1980 (USA)The Elephant Man / Release date

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