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Who plays Riff in new West Side Story?

Who plays Riff in new West Side Story?

He’s simply transcendent. Mike Faist might not win an Oscar for West Side Story, but his Riff is officially one of the great movie musical performances of all time.

Has Tom Cruise worked with Steven Spielberg?

Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg have worked together before, in 2002’s Minority Report and 2005’s War of the Worlds. Minority Report is arguably one of the best films from Cruise or Spielberg in the last two decades, while War of the Worlds was a huge fit for both.

Why is Spielberg West Side Story?

‘” The classic musical tells a timeless tale of love and division across communal and racial lines. Spielberg shares that those divides between “un-like-minded people” are part of what makes the message of West Side Story so poignant, with those same tensions still present, if not more so, today.

What is Riff last name in West Side Story?

Did you know that… Irving Shulman wrote the novelization of Arthur Laurents’ “book” in which he provided family names for the characters: Tony (Anton) Wyzek, Maria (and Bernardo) Nunez, Riff Lorton, Chino Martin, Anita Palacio, and (now it can be told) Glad Hand was “christened” Murray Benowitz!

Who is Riff to Tony?

Riff and Tony were friends when Riff moved out of his uncle’s apartment and moved in with Tony and his family. Riff has lived with Tony for nearly five years, during which time the two formed a strong brotherly bond and eventually co-founded the Jets.

Why did Tom Cruise stop working with Spielberg?

Reportedly, Steven Spielberg’s reason for not reuniting with Tom is his belief in Scientology. As per the buzz, the two had a lot of sparks flying between them due to the same on the sets of War Of The Worlds. This leading to an experience Spielberg does not want to go through the same again.

Who is Spielberg’s favorite actor?

The five greatest actors of all time, according to Steven Spielberg: Spencer Tracy. Henry Fonda. Jimmy Stewart.

Has Spielberg ever done a remake?

‘West Side Story’ review: Steven Spielberg’s remake is undeniably resonant This is the first musical Spielberg’s ever made, but he proves a natural: Few other American filmmakers have a more instinctive sense of rhythm and visual flow, or more direct access to your emotions.

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