Who sang Clifton Clowers?

Who sang Clifton Clowers?

The song was a rewrite of the original version by Merle Kilgore, which was based on a real person named Clifton Clowers (Kilgore’s own uncle)….Chart performance.

Chart (1962) Peak position
US Hot Country Songs (Billboard) 1
US Billboard Hot 100 6
U.S. Billboard Easy Listening 3

Was Clifton Clowers a real person?

That’s right. Clifton Clowers was a real man that lived on Wolverton Mountain overlooking a small town called Center Ridge, Arkansas. The song was written by Merle Kilgore for his uncle Clifton as a birthday present. Kilgore was Hank Williams Jr’s long time friend and manager.

Is there a real Wolverton Mountain?

The real Woolverton Mountain is in Conway County, Arkansas. It’s located a few miles north of Morrilton in the north of the state, which is some 50 miles from Little Rock.

Who wrote the song Claude King Wolverton Mountain?

Claude King
Merle Kilgore
Wolverton Mountain/Composers

What happened Merle Kilgore?

Country music songwriter, recording artist and manger Merle Kilgore died Sunday night of congestive heart failure related to treatment for lung cancer.

What year did the song Wolverton Mountain come out?

7 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart, and was the first of 19 top 40 records through 1971. His biggest hit was 1962’s “Wolverton Mountain,” which he co-wrote with Merle Kilgore. The song was based on Kilgore’s real-life uncle, Clifton Clowers and spent nine weeks atop the country songs chart, and peaked at No.

Who first recorded Wolverton Mountain?

Claude King, who is best remembered for his 1962 classic “Wolverton Mountain,” died this morning at his home in Shreveport, LA. King’s eldest son, Duane King, said the singer was found unresponsive in his bed.

Is Claude King still living?

March 7, 2013Claude King / Date of death

Who else sings Ring of Fire?

His songs have been covered by Nine Inch Nails, Soundgarden and Depeche Mode, showing the far-reaching extent of his influence. Additionally, without his nurture and support, there would be no Bob Dylan.

Who was Merle Kilgore wife?

He is survived by his wife, Judy; two sons, Steve and Duane Kilgore; three daughters, Pam Compton, Kim Pomeroy and Shane McBee; eight grandchildren; and one great-granddaughter.

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